Anything we desire in the universe is already ours. When we become receptive to the fact that it is already ours, the gap between ourselves and the desire disappears. Abundance, love, wisdom, success, health, happiness, comfort, and enlightenment - are all things in which you are capable of having/experiencing. Join me: I'm now redirecting all thoughts of unworthiness, fear, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, judgement, anger, and discomfort back towards my faith which cannot compare - knowing that who you are; what you truly are; and all that you need is already on its way to you and all you have to do is realize it. Once you accept, affirm, and believe this, you will receive all the miracles you have been "waiting" for. Because In reality, you haven't been waiting for them - they've actually been waiting for you.
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DJ JahBluez
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I feel you

Daniel Martinez
11 Days 22 Hours Ago

Real words!

Roberto Carlos Zea
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Beauty by Brandi Lynn
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I'll join you @danikilla4nya . let's redirect, refocus and reclaim what's already ours. The abundance of the universe that's waiting on us.

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That is so true hun @danikilla4nya 😇😇

Eva Rarissima
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