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Starting my week off with as much traction possible with the @michelinusa Sport Cup2’s wrapped around the beautiful Bmw #mperformanceparts 763M wheels finished in gold. 😎💨

Sunday curve day?! 🤔😂 Love the lines on the M4 😍. Hope everyone is having a great weekend 💯

Hanging out at BMW NA like 🌚

When a surprise rolling shot of the knight comes into your DM 😍. Taken back at #h20i before the gold wheels and suspension 😜. Thanks again @lucas.huangg for the picture 💯| Have a great weekend everyone 🙏🏼

@shell_ontheroad keeps the knight going 😈⛽️. Who else loves seeing people’s reactions while taking pictures of your car at the pumps? I always say in my mind if you only knew 😂😜😂 | #shellvpowernitro#shellontheroad

Bringing you the perfect combo for taking pictures for #wheelwednesday 😈💪🏼and definitely not going out in the snow 😂☃️. Bmw #mperformanceparts 763m wheels in gold 🏆

Nothing like a clean 🧼🍑 for #tooshietuesday 🤓. Also, who can spot what’s changed in this picture from when it was taken. It’s subtle but important 👀😉. Hope everyone is having a great day 💯

Had to grab a treat for the Knight to come out of the cage..I mean cave 🦇😂☕️. Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start 💪🏼

I like my apparel how I like my car, performance oriented. As your BMW M Brand Ambassador, that’s why the BMW M Jacket is a perfect fit for me. The jacket feels extra special with the ///M logo, carbon fiber details, and of course the ///M stripe👌🏼. Check my story for a link so you can get yours. (Size Pictured: Medium) | #bmwlifestyle#bmwpartner

#scootersaturday coming at ya 😜. I wish I could take credit for the idea but that’s someone else over in the #mperformanceparts division 😂🙌🏼. Who would love to take one of these BMW scooters out for a spin with me? 🛴

Happy #frontendfriday from some new friends I met at BMW NA 😈. Which friend do you like the most 😜? Have a great weekend everyone 🙌🏼

Love taking pictures of the Knight at his second home 🏡⛽️. But hey at least it’s @shell_ontheroad so you know we’re always getting the best stuff 😏 | #thirstythursday