Last edit from me for a little while. I'm gonna be playing the Sims 3. Gonna make Lancelot a sim, gonna probably end up making them all as sims actually. Gonna be funnnn! Anyway, I finally put the text on this. Also, I really wish Phonto had the same option to reload your work like Superimpose because it sucks for me when I see something off about the text but can't go back to fix it because that then requires to readjust everrrrything. Sooo yeah, I wish - - - - #merlinbbc #bbcmerlin #colinmorgan #katiemcgrath #kalin #angelcoulby #bradleyjames #richardwilson #anthonyhead #merlin #merlinfeels #destiny #merlinedit #merlinfandom #merlinfamily #utherpendragon #arthurpendragon #morganapendragon #morganalefay #guinevere #gwen #gaius #knightsoftheroundtable #princearthur #kingarthur #morgause #mergana #merthur #arwen #armor
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Remember Dave the blue fronted Amazon parrot I rescued? He’s such a cheeky chappy! Dave was kept for the first 8 years of his life in a really tiny budgie cage, totally unable to open his wings. He was poked at with sticks in his eyes and was fed nothing but potato chips. He had no toys and was scared of EVERYTHING! Dave has been with me now for just over two years and as you can see he is an absolute darling. He eats a fantastically healthy diet and loves his toys. Unfortunately he doesn’t cope well outside in the aviary with the other parrots because he finds the open space too intimidating. He’s cage institutionalised. But he has a big cage inside with proper lighting and the cage is always open so he can play as he pleases. Dave also has a chronic sinus issue as a result from the stick poking abuse he endured....but we manage his flare ups well. He is very affectionate but only likes to be touched on his terms. I think that’s pretty reasonable don’t you? Dave is just one of the hundreds of rescue cases I’ve taken on here at Kingfisher Wildlife & Exotics Sanctuary. Any donations or amazon wishlist purchases for the animals can be made by finding the post in my stories and highlights. 💚💚💚💚

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Arkham Origins was an amazing game. I literally had to play it on the Wii U because I didn't have an Xbox yet lol. Also happy birthday to Bruce Wayne. Or was that in October? Other sources say it's November. I've also heard people say it's August. Guess we'll never know.

The ever hottest #aishwaryarai #actress #bollywood #trollsexyactress

Amazing 🖤 @tinkamiih

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@winchxsters.sanctuary thank you! 💖💖💖

@_mudblood_ I shall check that out! Also, I will! 💗💗

@katiemcgrath.jpg oh goody! Also, thank you! 💖

Have fun!! And I love it as usual! 💓

2018-01-16 22:20:36

^^^ It does have reload! You click the camera and it has “restore previous state”. And yessss, Sims is so fun!

— kashy
2018-01-16 20:17:06

phonto has ‘restore previous state’. oh and have fun playing sims! 🙌🏻😌