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Prayers for Sri Lanka as our brothers and sisters got bombed in church. This is horrible news. Join me in praying for this situation.

Happy Easter! Praise Jesus for He is risen!

Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice. Easter is coming. ❤️

The Lord is powerful and mighty. Tag a friend!

Amen. Check out @proverbs31ministries. Tag a friend!

Palm Sunday. We are getting ready for Jesus and His death to resurrection. Praise God!

I had actually never known of this scene before I read it today. This act, to me, shows powerful faith. I want this faith like Moses. ❤️

Make that time with Him each day. It is so valuable.❤️

I was reading 2 Corinthians 4, and this verse just popped out at me. It is so sad to me, how deceived our world is. We as Christians have such a vital role. I pray, in Jesus’ name , that the minds of the unsaved are opened, and the light of God will shine in. Amen.


Amen. ❤️ From @lisabevere : “SILENCE can be mistaken for APPROVAL. Don’t allow the fear of man to SNARE you into a trap of PEOPLE PLEASING and ceaseless striving for POPULARITY. Dare to speak the truth in LOVE. God has your back.”

Wow. I just read this in my Bible and had to share. We should worship Him with Holy fear and awe. Our Lord is a DEVOURING FIRE. That’s just so powerful, and when I read it, I was in amazement of how great and mighty our God is.

Wow. This is good. @instagramforbelievers

I was reading this chapter in my Bible the other day, and these verses caught my eye. The Lord is simply wonderful 💗

Praying for our brothers and sister in New Zealand. I pray God’s peace will be on that nation!

Such a powerful prayer. Search me, Lord. ❤️

How much do I thirst for Jesus? This is a great question for myself. Jesus wants to be inside our lives, not just a thought.

Ultimately, God knows what you need. You might think you know, and it could be right and according to God’s will. But, God is ALWAYS going to be right. Trust Him. ❤️