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. Ini Gimikan yaaa Babang radit sengaja minceu suruh ngomong gitu . Sumpah ini settingan doang Settingan hengpon jadul . 😁😁

BACK • BOOTY • BICEPS oooooooo isn’t that a fun title 🐝 🐝 🐝 . ✖️Bodyweight pull ups- 4x4 ✖️Thoracic curl- everyone always says “don’t round the back” but for people with back injuries this exercise can do wonders for mobility! I feel the most amazing stretch through my posterior (I use super light weight)- and do this before I do deadlifts to warm up- 20x3 ✖️Elevated stiff leg deadlift- 15x3 ✖️Single leg RDL- 12 each leg x 4 ✖️Smith Machine hip thrusts- 15 to 20 x 5 (these were feeling sooo good- did 5 sets- owieeeeee 🆘 buttcheeks) ✖️Barbell bicep curl to the forehead-12x3 ✖️Underhand grip lat pull down- 12x3


Stop complaining ⭐️

PRETTY GANG 🎀 #SundayFundays

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