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Gammy cutting up her apples 🍎 for Kevin and Kelly.....

Remember..... 10 Mike Lane, Smithtown, NY 11787

Caught red handed.... cleaning up ... turn around look who snuck on blankets and made himself comfortable! @nfbullies_jonboy951 @newfoundbullies what a personality!

Happy Memorial Day to all!!! Vermont circa 1993?? @kellycaseybluth @chudabaker @collages1 @karengo18 😍

After church dinner: Miso soup and Sofia roll.

In my backyard gardening

Made the Kensington High School slide presentation...... Do A DEAR : Drop Everything And Read @mscarmella students read for 25 minutes of reading of there choice: book, magazine or article. They go up to the front of the room and choose what they want....after they write on paper the name of book, article, magazine... write the number of pages read, and one sentence of what they read..... @tddannyb @kellycaseybluth @chudabaker @collages1

Rain 🌧 ☔️ Rain Go Away ....Please come back, Never!

Bad Thunder and Lightening storm. Still won’t leave the bathroom! @v_lewin Smart boy....@chudabaker

Thunder and lightning storm this is how he deals with the storm ⛈!

From the “ Pete The Cat series.... love ❤️ all his children’s books! Great Author!!

Thank you Kelly and Danny for the beautiful 🌸 flowers!! @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb for Mother’s Day!!

Heritage @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb thank you for brunch!! It was so much fun!!

Sunday Mother’s Day Brunch from Kelly and Danny @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb thx u so much!! A jazz brunch !!

Tab’s first communion May 12, 2018.

#maddy in the pool in Phillie @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker 80 degrees

Having fun at Penn Treaty Park, Phillie #jjbluth @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker

Happy 1st Birthday Maddy ! I Love you!