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#Maddy in the pool in Phillie @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker 80 degrees

Having fun at Penn Treaty Park, Phillie #jjbluth @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker

Happy 1st Birthday Maddy ! I Love you!

#happynationalpetday! @v_lewin @newfoundbullies ❤️

Kensington HS Career Fair 9th Grade Academy, Kensington, Philadelphia, PA @chudabeef @chudabaker @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb

#HappyEaster @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker

#happybirthday#flowers #march26 thx @chudabaker @tiny_hands they are beautiful!!

Happy 32nd birthday 🎂! Thanks for everything you have done! You’re very special I love you! @chudabaker @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb

Phillie parade for the EAGLES!!

#Happybirthday #mason He's 2 years old today. @newfoundbullies @kellycaseybluth @tddannyb @chudabaker

#christmasevepjs with the Keane girls! Merry Christmas! Blue man group Concert tomorrow nite! Thx Keane family! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎅⛄️️☃️⛸🎅🏾!