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New York City @inijedar Photo @haristjio Dress @maision #maisionid

hmmmm APEM CUKIT GEH 🤔😭😢🤤😲😝😛😜😁🤣😂 . . . . . . . . . . ini hanya hiburan komedi semata, maaf jika ada kata" yg kurang berkenan, salam BANTEN ngekek 😁🤘 . . . . jangan lupa juga subcribe akun youtube rambo.serang yang ada di bio karena bakal ada cerita lanjutan dari rambo :) . . . . . . #rambo #ramboserang #rambobanten #bantenkreatif #bantenngekek #bantenwanten #bantenlakelawan #dubbing #dubbingbanten #dubbingbahasabanten #dubbingjaseng #dubbingindonesia #hiburan #komedi

⇝ Let’s start THE day 🤙 ⇜ ————————————————— #ONE #11 #UmoreAltoTuttaLaVita 🤙 #Milano ✈️ #Radio #Way #ManuelRitz

Mama’s Good Boy 😇 -> Bad Boy Bear 😎 Q&A Day 3 💭 ✖️Does he go to doggy daycare or stay home while at work? Most days he goes to grandma & grandpa’s ☺️ but sometimes he comes to work with me or stays home. ✖️What type of person would suit a Goldendoodle? Anyone willing to devote the time and energy into these fun-loving pups! It won’t be hard, but they do require lots of exercise, training and play (to keep their smart minds busy and not bored), and grooming maintenance. I believe dogs take on the personalities of their owners, so if you are laidback, you will have a laidback pup! ✖️Best dog friendly places in Dallas? Pretty much any place with a patio- Backyard, Mutt’s Cantina, Happiest Hour, HG sply, Lazy Dog ✖️Would you do a meet and greet with other dogs? I’d love to! I was thinking about planning a celebration for his 1st birthday in August. He also usually comes to work with me on Tuesdays, so if anyone in Dallas is looking for a dentist and wants to meet Bear, just send me a message 😂 ✖️Favorite bone/chew stick? Center cut bone with bone marrow from @threedogbakeryhq 🤤 ✖️Favorite toy? Any plush toy ✖️Does your mum have any more teef jokes? What do you call a Bear with no teeth?? ✖️Do you like to play fetch? Yes!! ✖️Flea tick and heart worm meds? I give him Nexgard and Heartgard once a month.

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