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Finalmente è arrivato il caldo!!

Let there be light 🙂🌠

🧡💚❤️💙💖 #dg40#DAIGOBIRTHDAYPARTY#DAIGOさん#DAIGO#HPB#戦士#love#1000投稿目 だった💋

Bye Mexico 🇲🇽Hello NY! I’m ready for a week of photoshooting and food 😅

Moral of the story. Treat people with respect if you don't want Dog to bite you.. @taxify.ng wants both riders and driver-partners to get the best out of using the platform. To ensure that both parties have/enjoy pleasurable experiences on the platform. Here are a few #5StarRiderTips Politeness would take you a long way Pay the right amount of money at the end of the trip Remember that transfers are not an approved payment method.

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