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Fan account for Panic! at the disco Sarah like/comment post 10/30/2017 Zack liked post 10/30/2017 "You are not trash, you are treasure" -Brendon Urie

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I know yesterday I said I wasn't gonna post but I have time to give you something #panicatthedisco #brendonurie

I'm sorry but it looks like he's bald because his hair blends in with the glass #panicatthedisco #brendonurie

Look at the actual little puppet Brendon behind it #panicatthedisco #brendonurie

Good night 🌜♥ Sorry I didn't post today and I'm not going to tomorrow. Today was hectic and so will tomorrow I love you all!!! #panicatthedisco #sarahurie

Good night 🌜♥ I love you all!!! #panicatthedisco #brendonurie

That stage looks amazing (Update) I'm really starting to hate my phone #panicatthedisco #brendonurie

When they only know one song by them And it's about closing a gd door #panicatthedisco #brendonurie