Kneading and flipping flatbreads. Swipe right #flatbread #noyeastbread #quickbread #homebaking #homemade #happinessishomemade #freshbread #realfood #aga #kitchendiaries
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Как идет ваша подготовка к пляжному сезону?😎😁😍🤗💪

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Um sorriso pra vida e gratidão por tudo que até hoje conquistei , é muito em vista do q tinha no passado, e pouco em vista do que ainda vou ter !!! Sabe porque? Porque sou insistente, não me canso de lutar e trabalhar , por tudo que sonhei . Desisto apenas do que sei que não vai me trazer felicidade e de coisas que tentam me puxar pra baixo. Um ótimo finde de semana ,muita paz a todos!!!!! Biquini @sereia.da.terra 😘😘

TRUST ME ITS HARDER THAN YOU THINK! TAG someone who would dig this vid! Being your inspiration has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received in this journey. Being the human that’s able to motivate you to get up and follow your happiness will ALWAYS be enough for me to continue doing what I love. LOVE MOTIVATES YOU! So.. Thank you for the love. Lately no house music has been inspiring me or hitting my soul the way some good old Tchami always can. Those beats never fail. So, here’s an oldie but a goodie🙌🏽 hope y’all have a kick-ass FRIYAYYYYYY, I dare you to find your nearest parking garage and shuffle across it — then tag me cuz i wanna see #vansecoo 😋😝🙊 Track- @tchami - Adieu 🎥: @agustinseco Yellow leggings:

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