Hoy tenemos más del fútbol Europeo con lo mejor de nuestros jugadores Colombianos en la final de la Copa Italia, donde se enfrentarán Juventus (Juan Guillermo Cuadrado) vs. Milan (Cristian Zapata) a las 2:00PM!!! No puedes perderte esta gran final acompañado de la mejor comida Italiana de Bogotá!!!🇮🇹⚽😎🍻🍻🍻😋😋🍕🍕🍕#milan #juventus # CopaItalia#dqmpizza #pizzadqm #domiciliosbogota #bogota #appdqm #dqm #cuadrado #futboleuropeo🇮🇹⚽😎🍻🍻🍻😋😋🍕🍕🍕
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I had a little peekaboo tummy action in my last outfit post but check this out daaaaahlings!!! 😍💖💕 I got so excited about this outfit because I didn’t realize that I could totally unbutton most of the buttons (duh) and turn it into this crop top/dress hybrid thang and I am so in love!!! I also spoke recently about getting used to shorts in public again and I am 100% comfy in this. @simplybeuk #SimplySummer #ad Use code GNJ10 for 10% off 😍 check out my stories as well to get a close up of the shoes without my feet 😂 and a swipe up link to the site!

That outfit 👅👅👅 wanna see more XXX Snapchat dm me of Join my Onlyfans.com/Cherokeedass

Foquem nessa barriga, ok ? @maxiwyatt 💪🏼😏 Marcas as mana | Tag a friend @thepageofmen 🔥

رفع الصدر وشده لفو الشاشه 💕💕

«Сотник» как вам а?)😎😏 Новый нож Все тот же фултанг и очень похож на «Скорпиона» но без сомнения удивительно удачный В дальнейшем будет ещё два ножа этой формы покороче и по длиннее . . "Centurion" as you eh?)😎😏 New knife All the same fultang and very similar to the "Scorpion" but without a doubt surprisingly good In the future there will be two more knife of this form is shorter and longer . #Knife #cleaver #axe #bronzeberloga #hunting #survival #wood #sword #blade #Tomahawk #handmade #forge #hunter #gift #for_the_ages #berloga_axe_tools_forge