With a #samsungs9 you dont even need a DSLR to get amazing images. Taking high quality photos has never been easier for me, thanks to Metro by T-Mobile. #madewithmetro
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Tu Randi h
1 Day 18 Hours Ago

@anupamathakurat abe bhosdiki


3 Days 5 Hours Ago

الله لايحدكم على الحزن اللي بأخر بوست بحساب عزلة @zheq .

3 Days 11 Hours Ago

@mrunalee_10 hello my frend☺

4 Days 11 Hours Ago

داداش قیمتش چنده اونجا😭

Tejas dadu
5 Days 10 Hours Ago

@mrunalee_10 mujhe chahiye🔥

@tejasdaadu ❤️

10 Days 15 Hours Ago


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@james_finn3 yes, in pro mode and with a tripod(or just better stabilization than the hand)

در بدترین شرایط روحی که باشید پیج ما شما رو میخندونه 😂پس از دستش ندید🙏با تشکر از ادمین

23 Days 22 Hours Ago

Profilde canli saat var inanmayanlar baka bilir


Wow it is so nice 👏

James Finnegan
28 Days 14 Hours Ago

Can you rly take long exposures with this phone?

2019-04-17 01:57:34