Last year was full of ups and downs for me on IG. Recently, I’ve been doing a few things that make me feel good here, so I thought I’d share some of them with you: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❂ I don’t check my IG first thing in the morning. Actually, most days I don’t even check my mails or messages until like 11am ⏰ ❂ I focus on my ‘me’ time first. Meditating, moving my body, reading, listening to podcasts, etc. I also write @fiveminutejournal - a life changer 📖 ❂ I set up another account, where I post photos in a very different style to what you see on this account. I follow completely different kind of people, create mood boards, find new inspirations, try new things, new edits. It’s free of ads, IG trends, repetition, competition. Happy place ❤️ ❂ I unfollowed a small bunch of people who weren’t brining any value to me. Nothing personal. People change, so do I, and no one should feel bad about it. ❂ I put less emphasis on what people think about me and my work here and more emphasis on what I think about my own work instead. We all care so much about other people’s (and the algorithm’s!) opinions that it’s crippling us. We don’t share photos we genuinely love, we don’t share comments expressing what we actually think, we don’t try new things fearing the numbers will plummet. All these things are out of our control. I don’t want someone’s (and the algorithm’s!) preferences to dictate me what I should or shouldn’t do. ❂ I keep myself as far away from all the comparison and overthinking traps as I can. The minute I notice I compare myself (or my work) to someone (or their work) or I overthink, I turn off the app right away. I want to feel light, positive and uplifted every time I’m here ❤️ What do you do that makes you feel good here? 😊
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