Menudo regalo nos han hecho!! El libro del mejor pizzero del mundo #marquinetti #slowfood #sostenibilidad #consumoresponsable
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Photograph by Anastasia Taylor-Lind |@anastasiatl. Fandango wearing a medieval-style chamfron. This piece was designed for the latest Transformers movie - The Last Knight, directed by Michael Bay. The Devil’s Horsemen stunt team supplied the film’s horses, tack, riders and horse-masters. Fandango is a Lusitano gelding and appeared in Exodus, Wonder Woman and several seasons Game of Thrones. I’ve been photographing The Devil’s Horsemen for a decade now and spent the last summer living at Wychwood Stud, in Buckinghamshire, UK. It’s lots of fun making portraits of their famous equine stars. I recently shot an assignment on Arab horses for @natgeo in Oman. Can’t wait to share those images soon. #hollywoodhorses #gameofthrones #makeshiftportraitstudio #thedevilshorsemen

¡Increíble! 😱😱

#flordoreino #versículododia 💟

Debería exitir un filtro QUITA OJERAS. Te la tiro Instagram... 😴

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I love this photo.!!