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There was a woman in line today a few people behind me at my work before I started. I was buying just water and I had like 10 minutes until I started. I was next in line and for 2 minutes straight I couldn’t hear anything but her yelling to her son about how long the lines were and how ridiculous it was and she need to be places. So I pulled a David Dobrik and told the people behind me to cut in front of me and I just stood in front of her waiting for it to get to my turn..... she didn’t stfu but gave me the bitchiest look ever. ~🅱️

His is my favourite picture of @justinbieber tbh ~🅱️

I aint complaining because I love it, but wtf is up with the moth memes? Theyre oddly cute. ~🅱️

I asked @xlzyz to send me this so I could traumatize you. You're welcome. ~🅱️

Gm ~🅱️

Check my story. Having a poll whether or not I should make an OC out of this. ~🅱️

Don't fuck wit my nigga Arthur, this ain't even his final form. ~🅱️

I fucking love the new @brckhmptn album fuck you. ~🅱️

Creds: @symbolic.mp4 ~🅱️

@shaynej13 yooOOOOO ~🅱️

I showed this to my favourite teacher and he fucking died laughing. ~🅱️

I actually enjoy my Psychology class ngl ~🅱️