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Make pictures. Share life. Eat. Rinse. Repeat. Lucky to call San Diego... Home. © All images are mine. Film or digital or iPhone.

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27 Days 1 Hour Ago

Semi-symmetrical. Joined at the hip. BFFs 🌲🌲


2017-09-23 23:54:32

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives. ~Lemony Snicket


2017-09-22 22:55:51

Bent. Crooked. Adapting. Survival. Life.


2017-09-28 23:37:31

The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh. ~Edward Weston


2017-09-29 22:55:39

The two most engaging powers of a photograph are to make new things familiar and familiar things new. ~William Thackeray


2017-10-03 23:06:57

Sunset, Yale University.


2017-08-30 23:33:45

“The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.” ~Robert #mapplethorpe ... so, keep scrolling! 👇😁 This is my favorite travel destination in the world! Oh Lauterbrünnen Valley... till we meet again. 💛📷😊