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Leo Sun. Capricorn Moon. Scorpio Rising. Venus in Virgo. And I like to take naps.

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A fan of Kiedis since I first saw the Chili Peppers perform on American Bandstand. #cutie. #gymtunes🎧

Yesterday. When I was waiting for my Botox #painmanagement. A gentleman was sitting next to me so I couldn't do a thousand selfies... and then pick one to post. I could only do one... because he was chitchatting... and it would have been rude on my part... to be super distracted.

And don't report it to Instagram. Thanks. :)

Curlers in. The much better hairstyle. :) Regrann from @kristenanniebell - Same mood. Much better hairstyle. Tee by @roadtwentytwo + @theresetsocial - #regrann

Most assuredly. :)



Keep doing you, Ladies.

I am that kind of Mom.


This. Is. Darling.

Some are cheap. Some are not. But the repairs are alllllways exorbitant. Still worth it. I suppose. This one only has 58k miles on it. No accidents. But 7 owners... #windowshopping


Finally. Breakfast. :)

Every once in a blue moon drank. Hey. It says 'organic' on the can.

Endorphins. :) #ejudith67_judye