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Sharing about an in-office treatment as well as an at-home product for pigmentation today! #eliteskinandlash

Contact us for all of your skin and lash needs! Link in bio! #lookgoodfeelgood

Still a work in progress but this transformation is amazing 🤗. Excessive pigmentation due to a combination of a health condition, medication and sun damage. Pigmentation =No Problem! Elite Skin & Lash can lift your worries...and pigmentation away! #eliteskinandlash

🔴BENEFITS OF MASSAGE AND FACIALS 🔴Benefits of Massage ~ Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Studies have found massage may also be helpful for: •Anxiety •Digestive disorders •Fibromyalgia •Headaches •Insomnia related to stress •Myofascial pain syndrome •Soft tissue strains or injuries •Sports injuries •Temporomandibular joint pain. 🔴Benefits of Facials~ A facial involves more than just pampering and luxury. These professional treatments can address specific skin problems and leave you feeling more vibrant. Once you make your appointment, talk to your skin professional about your concerns. They can set up a treatment that can make the improvements you desire. Then you can leave feeling more beautiful and youthful than ever. The following benefits are just some of the reasons to schedule a facial. •Exfoliation: Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it is constantly regenerating. But as your body sheds dead skin cells and produces new ones, the dead cells tend to sit on the surface. This can cause clogged pores and other issues. A facial can remove these cells and leave you feeling refreshed. •Blemish Control: Facials can reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars, leaving your skin with a smoother appearance. If this is your main concern, be sure to tell your facialist. This way, they can curate a treatment for your skin. •Stress Relief: As with massages and other spa treatments, facials are simply relaxing. You get to lean back and let your mind drift as someone else pampers you. And then you can carry this feeling with you as you walk out the door. •Anti-Aging: By taking care of your skin, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging. Specific facials can introduce essential nutrients into your skin to keep it feeling young and hydrated. •Circulation: When your skin is experiencing proper blood flow, you look more awake and healthy. A facial can stimulate the blood vessels under your skin, creating this glow.

Come visit my office in Colleyville! Call ahead to schedule a skin or lash appointment! #eliteskinandlash

I love @pcaskin and use their products daily! Sunscreen is the most important layer to include in your daily routine in order to protect it from everyday UV rays that can be harmful to the skin. Take care of your skin to keep it healthy and youthful! 📷: @pcaskin

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C and its beneficial effects on collagen production make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. Dietary and topical ascorbic acids have beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that it may help prevent and treat UV induced damage! Keep your skin healthy and glowing by getting in your daily amount of vitamin C in! #eliteskinandlash

Introducing our very own CC Serum! This serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, reduces discoloration, and enhances skin tone. Contact for more information! #eliteskinandlash

Eating healthy plays a big factor in the health and complexion of your skin. While it may seem difficult to stay healthy while eating out, places like @lunagrill offer plenty of great options for everyone to love. Take care of yourself both inside and out! #eliteskinandlash

Don’t want lash problem! Accentuate what you’ve got, check out our lash lift and tint services. 🚨🚨THE FIRST 5 TO BOOK WILL RECEIVE A FREE TINT W/LASH LIFT🚨🚨 Book online at #eliteskinandlash #colleyville #colleyvilletx #southlake #southlaketexas #trophyclub #kellertx #northrichlandhills #fortworth #bedfordtx #hursttx #spa #lashes #lashlift #lashliftandtint #lashtint #skincare

This is my everyday! I am thin so people assume I starve myself but anyone that spends time with me knows I eat...A TON! I am gluten free and dairy free. I eat Whole Foods, not refined, processed foods. My kids and I start EVERY morning with fresh celery juice, every other day I make smoothies and have a large smoothie daily, I have 3 full meals and snack on fruit and veggies throughout the day. I take supplements and drink plenty of water. You are what you eat, your skin and body will be as clean as your diet!! #eliteskinandlash #healthyfood #vitamins #cleaneating #glutenfree #dairyfree #clearskin #weightloss #weightmanagement #grapevinetx #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #kellertx #fortworthtx #dallas #northrichlandhills #trophyclub #praisegod #grateful #happy

So happy my beautiful friend came to The Skin Games awards to support me❤️ #theskingames2019 #beautifulgirls #grapevinetx #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #kellertx #fortworthtx

This is after just 1 EndyMed Microneedling w/RF treatment to minimize pores and reduce acne scares...3 more to go and her skin will be flawless 👍 #endymed #endymedintensif #eliteskinandlash #acne #acnetreatment #acnescars #poresnomore #grapevinetx #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #kellertx #fortworthtx #dallastexas #northrichlandhills #spa

Besties in Vegas👯‍♀️##bestfriends #beautifulgirls #vegas #funtimes

I am thrilled to have participated in The Skin Games 2019 a worldwide competition and placed top 3 for Age Management. #theskingames #vegas #esthetician #skincare #pcaskin #celluma #myolift #rezenerate #ledlighttherapy #beautiful #grapevinetx #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #kellertx #fortworthtx #northrichlandhills #fortworthtx #dallastexas

@eliteskin_and_lash Celery Juice Tips Every morning, drink roughly sixteen ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. Make sure it’s fresh, plain celery juice with no other ingredients. It takes roughly one large bunch of celery to make sixteen ounces of juice. Celery juice is a medicinal drink, not a caloric one, so you’ll still need breakfast afterward to power you through the morning. Simply wait at least fifteen minutes after drinking your celery juice before consuming anything else. For even greater benefits or if you suffer from a chronic illness or symptom, consider drinking twenty-four to thirty-two ounces of straight celery juice per day. You can drink it all at once in the morning on an empty stomach or split it into two servings as directed below. If you’re unable to consume your celery juice first thing in the morning before food, then the second-best option is to drink it fifteen to thirty minutes before or after eating something anytime during the day. If you’re having thirty-two ounces a day, you may wish to have it in two sixteen-ounce servings. You can drink the first in the morning on an empty stomach before eating and the second in the late afternoon or early evening, at least fifteen to thirty minutes before eating your next meal. If you’re sensitive and sixteen ounces is too much, start with a smaller amount, such as two to eight ounces, and increase how much you consume over time. If you’re too sensitive for two ounces, you can try sixteen ounces of straight cucumber juice instead for now. Cucumber juice is very gentle, and you can try celery juice again once you’ve been drinking cucumber juice for a while. Use organic celery whenever possible. If you’re using conventional celery, be sure to wash it especially well before juicing. It is best to make celery juice fresh and then drink it immediately. If you’re unable to make your celery juice right before you want to drink it, it’s important to drink it within twenty-four hours of making it. The best way to store the juice is in a glass mason jar with a lid and keep it in the fridge. However these greatest medicinal properties comes from drinking it freshly juiced.

I am blessed 🙌🏻❤️ I received this swag bag from the sponsors for making it to the finals in The Skin Games....this is AWESOME 👏 #estheticianconnection #theskingames2019 #eliteskinandlash #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #kellertx #grapevinetx #fortworthtx

Book your free skin consultation today! We specialize in age management, acne, pigmentation and lash extensions. #eliteskinandlash #colleyvilletx #southlaketexas #eyelashextensions #volumelashextensions #redlips #acne#pigmentation #antiaging #kellertx #trophyclub #westlaketx #grapevinetx #dallastexas #fortworth #fortworthtx #beauty#skincareroutine #pca #laser

LED Light Therapy – the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. Research has shown this to be an effective therapeutic modality to promote the healing of skin wounds, decrease inflammatory cells, increase microcirculation, and to increase collagen and elastin synthesis. It is an excellent therapy to rejuvenate the skin, treat acne, decrease inflammation and increase microcirculation reducing pain. Suggested in a series of weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks. Sessions are 30 minutes.This treatment can be added to any other skincare service.

Did you know....Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, helps increase our blood’s white count by strengthening our neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, and macrophages; and generally boosts the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other unwanted fungus. Vitamin C also helps to cleanse the liver, blood and lymph, strengthen the adrenal glands, repair damaged neurotransmitters, and restore the central nervous system. Now can you see why you need Vitamin-C😉. #eliteskinandlash #bossbabe #esthetics #fortworthtx #vitaminddeficiency #vitaminc #anthonywilliams #medicalmedium #healthy #dallastx #colleyvilletx #southlaketx #health #vitamins