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I make vidoes with my twin brother • on a TV show • Snapchat- ethandolan • ⬇️ NEW VIDEO ⬇️

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At the Louis Vuitton men’s fashion show, ye they have a bouncy house and I jumped in it, got carried away and had to get out or I def would’ve ripped my pants

Paris for men’s fashion week

Gray called bow tie so I wore the regular boring one:/

Kinda like my outfit but these pants are choking me out

Jersey was great:) (I’m not sleep deprived my bags are genetic)

I really like these pants. In the second photo I had a little panic attack because as I performed my karate kick I heard what sounded like my pants ripping but thankfully they just stretched and there is in fact no rip in these pants that I like

Gray and I got really special matching rings. If you swipe to right you’ll see the ring our dad used to wear and wanted to pass down to us. The ring has been in the family for a long time and was passed down to my dad by his grandfather. He wanted to pass it down to his son but we accidentally split into 2 people and there is only one ring. Thank you so much to @al_jeweler for creating these custom rings for us to help carry on our dads legacy. We plan to wear these rings forever and maybe one day pass them onto our kids:)

look closer.. I drank myself 😵

Film from the other night.. accidentally kinda matching gray’s car 😣

Happy Easter everyone! Gray ate too much and passed out at brunch

it’s an annual thing🤪 day threeeee

Forgot the sunglasses in the last photo :/