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Nasza ekipa. W pierwszym rzędzie. Obok Gosi Kożuchowskiej. Czyli chyba jesteśmy ważni 😅 @zamarzenia juz w ten poniedziałek o 21:35 OBEJRZYCIE? Kto widział na vod?

الحمدلله يارب على نعمة العقل 😂😂😂 ... @alkhrof

Shake your tail feather. 🐋 Congratulations to @gucciphoto for winning the print. @priskillaa picked your comment for Monday’s post. “Wriggling your toes in the sand.” Song Of The Day: Angel by Shaggy 😜 Sidenote: I composited some waves/texture (only the bottom half) from one shot into this one.

I received such an awesome surprise in the mail today from @tombraider/@tombraidermovie. Ahhh, I am so grateful. ❤️🙏🏻 Watch my story above to see me (very excitedly, haha) open it. 👆🏻 Such a lovely gesture on their part to notice and appreciate their fans. Thank you!!! 🙌🏻 Now I really can’t wait for the movie with Alicia Vikander on March 16th!!! 🏹 #tombraider #laracroft #tombraidercosplay #laracroftcosplay

🤷🏾‍♂️Dis Is Why I Love Y'all So Much!!!! 😍 #rock💎 #plies #aintnomixtapebih3 #rock #checkcallin #realhitta #fema #purpleheart💜 #ranoffondaplugtwice #ritzcarlton🔥