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@dm_derivados_del_motor And errbody and errthang ! Happy Saturday 🤗 I feel like a brand new girl , back in my curls. I haven't posted anything in a couple days ... because ... I didn't know how quite what to say about my week at work . It was a good week ! My company chose to take me off the orbital welder . I was not meeting production expectations. I was disappointed at first , I felt like a failure . But I took a quote from @girl_on_steel 'S page , from Winston Churchill, he said "success is moving from one failure to the next without loss of enthusiasm " and people , I got enthusiasm for days weeks months and the rest of my life . I felt like I was finally getting the hang of things and finding a groove . Unfortunately the machine needs to be tested to the max and I can only go so fast because I'm still learning how to fit up pipe and I am new to fabrication in general. I moved back in to my old spot on the loud side of the shop , in the hub bub . In a way , its nice to be back to working my ass off and getting my hands dirty #dirtyhandscleanmoney for real . I'm putting together pieces for the inside of the huge jumbo massive mechanical housing I posted about before I started on the orbital. Moving on ! Learning and earning , giving 110% errday baby ! The harder I work , the better I feel. So Come Monday , I got my work face on . I'll be smilin , the kind of smile where I let em see every tooth ... the kind of smile that says I won't quit . Ever . #nevergiveup #workharder #weldeverydamnday #dirtygirl #happygirl #thankfulfortheopportunity #knowledgeispower #weekendwhikseytime 🥃🥃🥃

Thank you to everyone that watched Charley’s ATV video...here’s a new one that she wanted to share with you 😬 Link is in my bio or go here ➡️ bit.ly/CharleyTractor

Starting the day off with an elfie 😂😂😂😂 for everyone who watches my stories you know how obsessed I am with these ears! Even though they don't look like Chii's ears they still make me feel like a persocom! I definitly want to build a fairy cosplay around these for the summer but can you guys think of any other cosplays that these would work for?! #everydayharleyquinn #cosplayeveryday _ Ears from @aradanistudios ❤

Last night here in Hawaii 🌴 leaving in 8 hours and just starting to pack, standard.. had an awesome time here with @racheljacobsohn and looking forward to planning our next adventure (surfing Skyscanner)🌏

Soirée avec mon homme @jeremc678 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ et @robine0688 à #lamutinerie

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