Reflection... . The day I became a triathlete, I ached as we returned the bikes, shoes, and helmets we borrowed. I watched as my husband packed away my rented wet suit. I wondered when my next ride or swim would be. I didn't want to return the gear. I felt a piece of me slip away. I don't want to lose that feeling, that drive, that craving. . We have plans to get a road bike. I have my sights set on a riding fundraiser event in October. We have a new family membership where there's a pool for some winter swimming. . Just because this event is over, doesn't mean I stop. I don't want to. . #triathlonproblems #iwantmore #healthyliving #lifestyle #beanexample #foodforthought #dailymusings #dontwannastop . (photo cred: @sjphotostudio)

Gosh, where to start? . First, I'm completely honored to have participated along side some serious triathlon competitors to celebrate @brianshope and Brian's birthday, and to #raiseawareness and support the efforts to finding a cure for #ald! . Next, I am so #grateful to so many!! It's @ky_ky_mcfly and @drew_surfbikeclimb that provided us with almost every piece of gear; fom bikes to tri wear, and helmets to tri bags....we had it all!! They even helped make training with three kids possible. Then there's @jo_z_runz_free and @pauliver_101 that let us sleep over with THREE kids the night before the race so we didn't have to travel in early with them and let Chris use his wetsuit. Then, my cheering parents @stevemartin1954, my sister Cheryl, My 3 kiddos and amazing babysitter Hayley, My bestie @ellehcim.78 and her daugter Alexandrea, @odeed7 and @msicignano (who also helped with the kids during training), and @hmanzolillo who brought us all together, raced along side us, and cheered is all!!! Seeing everyones faces and hearing your cheers was truly a highlight to this experience. Of course I'm forever grateful for having my husband as a racing partner to do this with. Without each other, I don't think our training would had been so successful!! . Finally, as most of you know, if you've been following my training, this race is quite the #milestone in my #fitnessjourney. Although I am strong, endurance was not my strength. However, I've since learned that I really enjoy and am good at swimming the back stroke, and biking!! Running on the other hand.....i still need practice! I see more triathlons in my future. Thanks to everyone for making this such a memorable experience! . Check out my story highlights of my Triathlon Training, which shows my training from start, to finish. :)

There's something about this photo. It shows a lot... . This is my face of true laughter, with @autumncalabrese having me in stitches while telling us a story about her dog bringing her "gifts" from the wilderness. While I was having the time of my life, I'm also doing my "tell". When I feel self conciousness, I touch my nose. Or maybe it's covering my face...I don't know. But I do it a lot! (What I do know is that I should sit on my hands when playing poker.) . But I love the mug in my hand, my comfy clothes, the genuine smile. I mean, what is there to be self conscious of?! NOTHING! . I will remember that. . . . #beproud #beconfident #beyou (photo cred: @sjphotostudio)

It's finally Silvia and Brady's turn!!! At #montessori for #kindergarten and Pre-pre-K, where they're in the same classroom! My littles are getting so big!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

#lessons Today was an interesting day. We got invited to #swim near the racing spot this morning. I wanted to...i really did. But I had a dozen reasons why logistically it wouldn't work with the kids...... Too much to pack, too early, gotta feed them first, gotta get our gear, longish drive there, who would watch them while we swam, what would they do, would they be ok.... blah, blah, blah. . Finally, when a later time became an option, we mobilized. Kids were fed, I packed snacks and toys, got our gear together, and were pulling out of the garage 23 min later. . And you know what? Our tribe came together and helped make it work for us and our #partyoffive. We all headed to the beach. We swam in pairs so the kids always had someone with them. @ky_ky_mcfly and @drew_surfbikeclimb even brought their #paddleboard for the kids to take rides on. They #hadablast with their Auntie KyKy and Uncle Drew!! And dad and I got in quality swims. First time in open water with #wetsuits. I felt like i was going to die...but guess what? It's like impossible to drown in a wetsuit!!! So, that's comforting. ๐Ÿ™ . Huge thanks to these #triathlon pros who selflessly continue to provide us with the necessary triathlon gear and tips, making this experience so incredibly empowering. I feel more and more prepared each day I put into practice all they have taught us. I still feel like a fish out of water...but if this is something I want...i need to start somewhere and be uncomfortable. . "If you want something you've never had, you have to do things you've never done."

We picked #wildgrapes on our walk back from the #busstop today. So, we decided to make grape juice. While I don't let my kids have juice often, this seemed like a good way to make an exception. Nice activity to with them, and pretty easy. Oh, and #delicious. . . #afterschoolfun #tryingnewthings #momsaysyes #grapejuice #mykiddos

And she's off to 2nd grade!!! Ok, so....we missed her bus. But, thankfully another bus picked her up. I'm pretty sure it was for her school. ;) #kidding!! . #2ndgrader #mybiggirl #soexcited #wherehasthetimegone #firstdayofschool

Great learning and practice with the tri pros @drew_surfbikeclimb and @ky_ky_mcfly !! Enjoying the journey ๐Ÿ’• . . #sprinttritraining #thankful #biking #lovingthejourney #traininginprogress #icandohardthings #teachanolddognewtricks #pushing40

Took this beast out today...borrowed from @ky_ky_mcfly! Gonna take some getting used to. #netherregions sore, my hand fell asleep, my back was stiff upon dismount..... But i was about 3 mi/hr faster than on my hybrid bike. Will be interesting to redo my 10 mile ride and really compare #applestoapples. . It's funny....when I signed up for this thing, I didn't realize the training that I'd do for it. If I had known, I may not have signed up; but knowing what I know and being IN it, I'm so glad I did. Enjoying this #newadventure. . #hardworkisgratifiying #enjoyingtheride #sprinttritraining #hammerfesttri

#transformationtuesday In 2010...I was married with no kids. We were DINKs, as we'd proudly call ourselves (duel income, no kids). We were happy and living life, but certainly not taking care of ourselves. There were times we tried...but those times included "Healthy Choice" frozen meals (btw, they are not healthy, and don't even taste good) and going to a gym off and on with no real routine or plan. We tried, but just didn't have the information to know what to do. So we followed our brainwashed instincts, which were far, far outside of the reality of healthy. . 8 years later, I think I look and feel WAY better than my 31 year old self. My confidence is high, my negative self talk is low. I'm truly happy and content with my physical self....something I never thought I would be able to say. These last 5 years, since I found the answer, have been a journey I'm proud to have been on, and continue to travel. . I pray that others can find that initial strength and courage to make a change, so they too can truly be happy. Everyone deserves that...YOU deserve that. Just say the word and I'll do my best to help.

#capecod2018 Such a fun day with this crew! Who could have guessed 20 years ago, when we all met in college, that these would be our lifetime friends with all these kids!! Truely special times when we can get everyone together ๐Ÿ’•

Start July 30th with us, or when works best for YOU! 4 days a week, 30-40 min workouts. Totally achievable!! Join us!!!

That time of year that my favorite bush blooms! #prettyflowers #favoriteflowers #happyflower

It's official! I'm signed up for my first triathlon! Eek! Will be supporting @brianshope and the fight against #ald with some of my favorite super inspiring #fitpals. Nervous, but looking forward to the challenge and the feeling that comes with finishing. . . #hammerfesttri #swimbikerun #brianshope #fightald #beuncomfortable #trynewthings

#artichoke from #clovernookfarm My mother used to make artichokes with breadcrumbs and butter...probably one of my #favoritemeal of hers. Mine will be a Mediterranean take on this delicious #mysteryvegetable . . #eatlocaleatfresh #supportourfarmers #eatrealfood #eatlikeyougiveadamn