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#ivoted with this girl today!!

THEYRE TRYING TO KILL ME!! 😂 Out to dinner and THIS is "on the house". #cottoncandy #wrongcrowd #notforme #nothanks #sugarkills

Fresh out of the shower and using @koparibeauty for the first time. They said I'll experience a detoxing stage first, but I rarely used those aluminum filled toxic deodorants hopefully I'll skip that stage. Went on nice and smooth, and smells lovely! #goclean #thetruthstinks #goodbytoxins #treatyourbodyright my fellow clean may like this! @tapbackswitht @akmerc

Is this cool weather making you eat poorly? Are comfort foods calling your name? Is the only thing you want to do is crawl under a blanket on the couch? 🙋‍♀️ Me too. . That's why, I'm doing 7 day clean eating challenge, and especially on the week and weekend of Halloween. . So wait....does that mean you can't have any candy? Nope. It just means you can't have countless pieces. By following a classic 80/20 rule of clean eating, you can still allow yourself to dip into the kids bucket for your favorite. The challenge is...stopping there. . Think you can do it? Maybe not alone...but when there's others in it with you, it makes it easier to stick with it. . You up for the challenge? I know I am....I'm ready to get back.on.track!!! Prep over the weekend, and start in Monday, October 29th. Comment below or message me, and we'll support each other. Pleeease?! . #cleaneating #cleaneatingchallenge #cleaneating8020 #eatlikeyougiveadamn #eattherainbow #eatlikeyouloveyourself #grassfed #farmtotable #eatrealfood #noprocessedfood #readingredients #nohighfructosecornsyrup #nohydrogenatedoils #noartificialsweeteners #nosoda #nongmo #clean15 #dirtydozen #understandyourfood #healthylifestyle

Walk to school day for #breastcancerawareness !! Little chilly, but the kids did great! #breastcancerfight #fightbreastcancer #wearpink #walktoschool #chillyfallday

Happy 7th Birthday to our oldest, Phoebe Helen!!! What a fun morning with a #firetruck ride to school!!! Huge thanks to the Bethany Volunteer Fire Department, that offered such a creative Silent Auction item that we made sure we won! Such a memorable experience for them (and our extra kid No. 4, who spends Wednesday mornings with us!) . #firetruckride #bethanyfiredepartment #bethanyvolunteerfiredepartment #birthdaymemories #ridetoschool #pimpmyride #rideinstyle

#lunchprep Back to #salad for lunch....I've been slacking. Which is strange bc I love my salads!!

The 4 in 1 #birthday day is complete! What a day!! Celebrating Phoebe's 7th and Silvia's 5th, we had a kid party at 11:30, and a family party at 3. Don't get me wrong, I'm beat...but cleaning the house once, and using leftover food and drinks from Party #1 at Party #2 was well worth it!!! . We had a #beautifulday for a #scavengerhunt, and the kids took turns nicely on tbe #zipline. I loved hearing them chant each other's name as they each took their turn. Such a joy spending time with the children my kids will be in school with through high school. 😳 . #birthdaybonanza #girlfriends #family #blessed #surroundedbypeopleilove Delicious cake from @sweetmariasbakery

Delicious #dinnertonight! I love hiding veggies in food. This #meatloaf started with a blend of ground #grassfed pork and beef. I sauteed a chopped onion and large #eggplant, adding it to the meat with egg, spices, and oatmeal. At the end of baking, topped with grassfed #kerrygoldcheese. . My 7 year old (in 5 days) had FIVE good sized servings, and my other two finished what was put on their plates without complaint. It was very good!

Odeed and Mary, thank you SO much for capturing this gem of motherhood! #blessed #motherhood #mythreekids #weddingfun #makingthemccreillys @odeed7 @msicignano

Just a snippet of #makingthemccreillys Such an amazing day, with many moments that made this day so memorable. Such an honor to be a part of this special day, celebrating (as @thecureismorehighlight perfectly put it) two EXTRAOrdinary people, both as individuals and as a couple. We love you Mr. and Mrs. Reilly!! @drew_surfbikeclimb and @ky_ky_mcfly

Happy Wedding Day @drew_surfbikeclimb !!!!!!! @keithpannella @ckbartels

Somebody killed @ckbartels with the candelabra in the library!!! Who is responsible for this?!?! @ky_ky_mcfly @drew_surfbikeclimb @akmerc @thecureismorehighlight @iannuzzilisa @c.t.mcclintock @mcclintock @n0rk @keithpannella @allihoha

Help me, I can't decide!! These are 6 of my haircuts over the year. I keep going shorter, but wonder now if I've gone too short?! Help!!!!!

Cleaning up the kitchen table and found that my biggest girl is working on a story! #kidswritting #storyteller #fairiesandbutterflies #lovesart

Reflection... . The day I became a triathlete, I ached as we returned the bikes, shoes, and helmets we borrowed. I watched as my husband packed away my rented wet suit. I wondered when my next ride or swim would be. I didn't want to return the gear. I felt a piece of me slip away. I don't want to lose that feeling, that drive, that craving. . We have plans to get a road bike. I have my sights set on a riding fundraiser event in October. We have a new family membership where there's a pool for some winter swimming. . Just because this event is over, doesn't mean I stop. I don't want to. . #triathlonproblems #iwantmore #healthyliving #lifestyle #beanexample #foodforthought #dailymusings #dontwannastop . (photo cred: @sjphotostudio)

Gosh, where to start? . First, I'm completely honored to have participated along side some serious triathlon competitors to celebrate @brianshope and Brian's birthday, and to #raiseawareness and support the efforts to finding a cure for #ald! . Next, I am so #grateful to so many!! It's @ky_ky_mcfly and @drew_surfbikeclimb that provided us with almost every piece of gear; from bikes to tri wear, and helmets to tri bags....we had it all!! They even helped make training with three kids possible. Then there's @jo_z_runz_free and @pauliver_101 that let us sleep over with THREE kids the night before the race so we didn't have to travel in early with them and let Chris use his wetsuit. Then, my cheering parents @stevemartin1954, my sister Cheryl, My 3 kiddos and amazing babysitter Hayley, My bestie @ellehcim.78 and her daugter Alexandrea, @odeed7 and @msicignano (who also helped with the kids during training), and @hmanzolillo who brought us all together, raced along side us, and cheered us all!!! Seeing everyones faces and hearing your cheers was truly a highlight to this experience. Of course I'm forever grateful for having my husband as a racing partner to do this with. Without each other, I don't think our training would had been so successful!! . Finally, as most of you know, if you've been following my training, this race is quite the #milestone in my #fitnessjourney. Although I am strong, endurance was not my strength. However, I've since learned that I really enjoy and am good at swimming the back stroke, and biking!! Running on the other hand.....i still need practice! I see more triathlons in my future. Thanks to everyone for making this such a memorable experience! . Check out my story highlights of my Triathlon Training, which shows my training from start, to finish. :)