🍃🍂New Winter Essentials from @thebodyshoppakistan I’ve added to my skincare routine and I’m absolutely loving them! 🍃 ——MINI REVIEW—— *Since I’ve been living in Karachi, i have never suffered with any skin issues whatsoever - the sun has always done me wonders with such smooth & clear skin Mashallah. *After traveling and coming back to Karachi, these cold/dry months had just irritated my skin like never before! Dryness, redness and blemished/scars, for me thats my worst nightmare when I haven’t dealt with any of this before. *I have always used @thebodyshop products since my first ever skin product days and never changed since. Not only is it Natural and inexpensive, but there is a wide range of lines/products for any targeted issue you have. *Right now, the Tea Tree Night Lotion has kept my skin locked with the right amount of moisture and slowly healing my blemished skin, followed by the Tea Tree oil I apply to the red or spotted areas. I wake up to baby like skin. *Over the month it has improved the overall look of my skin, given me a natural glow, and again heeled the redness/scarring issue I had going on. My skin is not yet in the perfect position as how I have always had it, but its alot better than before *Then the Coconut Body Exfoliating Scrub I always use in the shower to take away any dead skin cells and keep the skin fresh, smooth and can help with ingrowing. I have gone through tubs of these plus the smell is just heaven. *I really want to try their Vit C range, Comment below ⤵️ Which Body Shop products is your favourite? Or you think I should try out? . . . #thebodyshop #skincare #skincareroutine #naturalproducts #organicproducts #teatree #teatreeoil #vitaminc #vitamine #moisturizer #face #faceproducts #greatskin #blemishes #blemishskin #winteressentials #skincaretips #review #blog #blogger #fashionblogger #fashion #karachibloggers #fashionlifestyle #instafashion #instapic #manchesterblog
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