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Rawvegan🌱🍌🍎26💁💜wiccan🌙🌈hippiechild✌🌼🌻 Yoga✌food can be medicine or cause the illness On a journey to lose weight& heal my body💜fat2fit💪💪

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Mini fridge full of greens (bottom self is danielles)

Cuddling with my babyboy🐱 Hes so cute He keeps sticking his tounge out 💜💜

Whats left of my produce til thursday I do still have alot of kale& spinach in the mini fridge Got 3 days til produce shopping #rawvegan#fruitarian#weightloss#cleaneating#thisweightwillcomeoff#focused#determinded✌💜💜💜💜

Im addicted😍😍😍😍

Got myself a cool mist humidifier since i been getting sick off and on ✌💜

Yummm avocados😍😍😍💜💜👌👌

Breakfast 3 apples & rawjuice ( carrots, oranges,lemons) #rawvegan#fruitarian#jucing#weightloss🌱💕

I tryed to look pretty today😘😚😗😙

Produce day ✅✅ Got a mini fridge full of kale & spinach& carrots as well :) ✌✌✌💚💚

Been feeling sick & stressed out So its time for a green smoothie Alotttt of kale & 2 cups pineapple& 1 lemon Looks gross Taste good✌✌✌💜💜 #rawvegan#fruitarian#weightloss🌱💕

Yoga time✌✌✌✌💚💚💚

Made some juice for tomorrow since it will be a busy day✌💚 One carrots & lemon& Orange And one just orange & lemon& a tiny bit of ginger #rawvegan#fruitarian#weightloss#jucing✌✌✌✌✌🍅🍐🍍🍌🍓🍓🍇🍇❤💚💜💙💛