To all my Friends and Family. 6/12/18 was my 8 year anniversary. My marriage was far from perfect. Back in 2012 I was going through unemployment when I first started my journey as an HVAC technician. My wife had an affair and committed adultery with one of her classmates she went to at night class. I was able to save my marriage but it was never the same. There was one point where we didn’t have sex for almost 2 years a few months before my youngest son was born. Her excuse was she didn’t want to take birth control and didn’t want to get pregnant again because we had 2 miscarriages right after my oldest son. I knew she did this out of spite and wanted to test me if I would cheat on her but I never did. I remember right before we got married she would talk about wanting to hang out with married couples. I had some friends who where married that wanted to do double dates but my wife either didn’t like their wife or she’d rather hang out with her single sister and single friends. I honestly didn’t like her single friends and the idea of girls night. What married woman goes out to bars and clubs and comes back home 3am in the morning while I’m at home watching our 2 boys? My wife did whatever she wanted and it was either her way or the highway. She’s suppose to be a “Jehovah’s Witness” and honestly she’s a hypocrite. She’s always like you’ve been a Jehovah’s Witness for years now and you haven’t progressed! Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a wife that’s spiteful and curses you everyday? She always says,”You have to earn my respect.” “Respect is earned.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I was told to respect everyone even if you didn’t like them. You know what’s crazy? The minute she finally got a job that pays almost as much as me she then decides to sign her own lease and separate our Family. I pay all the bills. Only thing she paid for is daycare every other week and groceries. She thinks her life was so miserable but honestly she’s one of the most ungrateful people I know. She says she wants to be happy like her friends. How can you ever be happy when you’re not even happy with your own self? I also think it’s crazy how her family suppo
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