#5 Tomato Art Fest 2018 free doodle for #eastnashville #tomatoartfest #doodles #freeart #nashvilletn #anonymous
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2018-06-28 11:09:29

@findyourheart.art I’d love #5!

@namreckasaurus - oh wait, I know you. If you come to the Tomato Art Fest and there’s one you want, I’ll give it to you. Dog and the colored two people heart ones have been spoken for. I’ll keep making more until then. Just let me know which one you want and I’ll let everyone know where to find me.

Oh @namreckasaurus -^that was for you.

Not for the tomato fest stuff. Only the commission work I do under my non-anonymous name. I like all my anonymous work to be fun and small because it’s faster and easier and by far less stressful than my main artwork.

2018-06-28 06:40:01

Do you take requests?

You are my tomato hero!