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Born in Fitzroy, Raised in Brunswick. Custom Stretching | Archival Framing | Fine Art Printing | Art Supplies. Hand made on-site.

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A golden weekend for studio mess ✨ @goldenpaints - tag us in your messy studio shots 👏🙌

Disappearing floating frames! How great are these slanty custom hardboards we whipped up? The edges dissappear into the wall creating a beautiful shadow effect. What do you think?

Being back at work doesn't stop us from painting the clouds with this, size 4 NEEF 95 Synthetic fan! ☁️🌥⛅️🌤

Public Service Announcement: DO NOT miss @jimmydazzla’s show ‼️ Closes July 21st so get there quick! Pretty happy that our tray frames get to hug these pieces of art. 🥰👏

Although transparent, the Fluorescent Chartreuse range is quite intense when trying to hide. Enjoy your weekend and apply your Fluorescent Chartreuse to bright white surfaces for the best outcome!💫✨

Meet @tomferson . When he isn’t working at Fitzroy Stretches he’s making paintings. Join us tonight at @marfagallery to look at them! 6pm, Level 1, 288 Johnston st Abbotsford. 🍻

Have you ever noticed @drasko17 's stencils around the shop and carpark? See how many you can find next time you're in!

Plein air panels are perfect for the artist on the move. Light weight, strong and already prepared with a double coat of gesso so you can start painting straight away. We use premium quality, 6mm birch ply to make our boards, and each panel is hand cut, sanded and prepared with gesso!

We loved framing this medal with a pop of colour! This frame is made with Tasmanian oak with a clear wax finish.

No machine Saturdays! Come in and pick up/ drop off/ buy some supplies on our quietest day of the week. It’s rather lovely. Open 10am - 4pm! 🤫

Our very own @bunditpuangthong has work in the group show Un-Thaid opening tomorrow night! Celebrate with us with cocktails from their artist - curated drinking program and live performances. Get your tickets from 📷: Rice Flour, 2019 Bundit Puangthong

Our hard boards and wedges are great tools for your art...but they’re also fun to stack! How many can you do? #hitchcocksuspense PS Don’t write on your hands. 👉🏰

Bryan Spiers is currently exhibiting @sarahscoutpresents - highly recommend checking it out!

It's framing up to be a great week! Happy Monday!

Dibond - a beautiful frameless hanging option! Dust off that poster that has been rolled up under your bed, bring it in, we'll dibond it, then you can hang it on your wall!

Does anybody else find this stack of timber in our workshop as satisfying as we do? 😍

All our Maimeri Classico paints are the same price - regardless of series! That's right you can get a red for the cost of a white (phwoar!) 40ml = $14.41 200ml = $26.62 #artistquality #oilpaint

Our very own and very talented @tomferson has just started a month long residency at @qbankgallery! We can't wait to see what he creates, stay tuned for exhibition details.