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Born in Fitzroy, Raised in Brunswick. Custom Stretching | Archival Framing | Fine Art Printing | Art Supplies. Hand made on-site.

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Charity Auction! The wonderful @chelsea_gustafsson is auctioning this 🍌 to raise money for the @fredhollows foundation. Auction taking place on her Instagram - closes 6pm tomorrow (Friday) night! Get in quick, wouldn’t want to slip and miss this! (Painted on our beautifully smooth hard boards) #chelseagustafsson #hardboards #australianartist

China top actress 2018 Xiaotong Guan #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Chinese style photograph6 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

Gloss Varnish 💫 Final gloss varnish to protect oil and acrylic paintings. (If needed, remove with Artists White Spirit)💫 #glossbaby @langridgeartistcolours #glossvarnish

Chinese Peppery Chicken #chineseculture #fried chicken #Chinese food

Raised float framing 👌🙌💛 (note: do not hold your frame like this...🤦🏼‍♀️) #customframing

Hey, too much photo revising, watch your classmates….#meme #funnyChinesepictures #amusing #picturerevising #Chineseonline

Back to work! Factory is humming! 🛠🔧⚙️ #customstretcherbars #customframing

GOLDEN RAYS OF PAINT! Which is your favourite brand (acrylic or oil) and why? #welovegolden #acrylicpaint

Here’s to celebrating love in all its forms. 💕

Beautiful new watercolour pads have reached the shop! Perfect for our Gansai watercolour sets. . . . . #artsupplies #melbourneartsupplies #watercolour #watercolourpainting #customstretcherbars #gansai #milini #artspectrum

If only it was as simple as choosing a “white” frame. Choices, choices, choices. Which do you like best?

It’s all action in the workshop today.

Tom spraying a final coat of gesso on a nice big piece of ply! ❤️ Hand finished is the best finish. @tomferson

Neef neef neef as far as the eye can see! We are officially stocked UP on these beauties. Need to update your brushes? Come on in or jump on our website. #artistquality

Oil paints, acrylic paints, pastels, water colours! The front of our factory is really just a candy store for artists. 💛🧡

Little frames, big frames, all the different frames. Have something sentimental you would like to hang on the wall, bring it in, we love a challenge! #customframing

Stretcher bars - long pieces of pine, oak and cedar come into the factory —> hand made stretcher bars leave the factory. Perfectly cut to fit together and support your next creation or purchase. Maybe it will be used to stretch that piece of art that’s been lying under your bed for a year? #stretching #customstretcherbars

Our hardboards make us swoon! Birch ply with a pine cradle (22mm or 32mm), hand made, hand sanded, 2-5 days from start to finish depending on whether they have a natural or a gesso finish. See...swoooon! 🥰👌#handmade

#studiosunday - “Edith Jackson Nampitjinpa, a Pintupi artist who lives in Kiwirrkura, Western Australia. She paints women’s ceremony and Tingari for her country using intensely dotted surfaces in ochre-inspired palettes, often with the concentric square form as a dominant motif. She paints Ngurrapulangu, a clay-pan site, west of the Kintore Community, where in mythological times a group of Tingari men camped as they travelled west, eventually passing through Umari and Wala Wala. Since events associated with the Tingari Cycle are of a secret nature.” - Aboriginal Art Store - #alwayswasalwayswillbe

Always was, always will be. Since opening today at 10am we have had two customers pick up their stretched Indigenous work and have had another two customers drop off Indigenous work to be stretched. We feel grateful to work with the beautiful art created by the owners of the land we call home. Regram @blackartprojects Mumu Mike Williams, Postbag Painting, 2017

Organised chaos best describes our workshop today!