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Canada day collab ⚡️Auction ⚡️. Collaboration with @trevorsshaw & my dad @bradenhammondglass . Features crayon red some glow glass white and serum wings/arms depending on what you see. ⚡️Auction starts at $0 ⚡️please bid in $2 increments ⚡️ 5 minute snipe rule . ⚡️please don’t bid if you can’t pay⚡️Auction ends tomorrow Tuesday July 2nd at 4:30 pm pst . Good luck and happy Canada day 🍁

My kicks at pit meadows days parade. Sun Hang

Sun Hang 💥

These are my best marbles yet .

Monopoly is life . I try to get in at least 20 hours a week 😂😂😂

48 hour auction 👌👌👌 This marble #6 ( I think ) is up for auction 👌 bidding starts at $5 . $1 increments on the bids please . No BiN .please don’t bid if you can’t pay , 5 minute snipe rule , auction closes Thursday Sept .20 at 7pm PST. Good luck happy bidding🤜 #glassauction #flossanddabrockstarglass #glassmarble #meltingat6yearsold

Look out for the 2 day auction 👌👌👌#flossanddabrockstarglass

This rockstar mega marble is up for auction . All you have to do is bid ( sister not included ) 🔥bidding starts at $5 🔥 minimum $1 increments min. 🔥if you want you can bid in $10’s 🔥5 minute snipe rule 🔥don’t bid if you can’t pay 🔥 BIN $20 Auctions closes Saturday August 25 at 7:30 pm pst . Thanks for the bids

Up for auction is this marble # 3 by the one and only #flossanddabrockstarglass Bidding starts at $0 $1 increments please BIN is $8 5 minute snipe rule Please don’t bid if you can’t pay Auction ends at 9:45am pst Tuesday August 21 . Thanks for your bids in advance ☮️ & ❤️

Mable # 2 is up for auction . Bidding starts at $2 Please don’t bid if you can’t pay . Auction closes tomorrow Sunday July 22 2018 at 5:30pm . #flossanddab

We torch with our jacket on cause we too cool . #weflossin

Throw back to when me and my bro mini floss we’re getting a lesson from dad . #weflossin

Marble # 1 is up for 1 day auction. Made by me. Rules Bidding starts at $2 Please don’t bid if you can’t pay . Auction closes tomorrow night 5pm . Friday July 20 2018 .

It’s me floss & dab rockstar glass .