Not in Thailand yet but I’m already cleaning puppies and finding them new homes! This little lady Codi, found her on the street and was told she was homeless. Took her home for a bath, de-flea and de-ticked and this is her after some food water and love! She is all rehomed and is going to have the most wonderful life. Good deed done, thanks to my amazing group for the help! 🌻

If you know me you know my first photo I uploaded of my 3 months away had to be of a dog! This dog is the definition of pure happiness. He is amazing, has nothing but so happy. A few nights ago this was him sleeping outside our camp in my friends jacket. The most beautiful little lab puppy, can I take him back to Heathrow? Don’t worry I still miss you @charlie_theadventuredog 🦋

From one flight to the next! The travels start now and I am so excited⚡️ . . . . . . . #travel #travelling #traveller #travels #colombia #flight #plane #backpacking #wanderlust #seetheworld #peru #equador #airport

The ocean is everything I want to be

Collection from my travels, all over my hands ⚡️

Our little nugget wagon 🌼

Italy here we come baby... the best 21st birthday present I could ever dream of 🌍

And breath in... lovely lunch with the fam today, hurry up and get out here bae @maxrbrown 🦋