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Hiking is something I never thought I’d say I would enjoy

We build windows, we also had several breakdowns whilst making them. Very proud of our work 🖖🏻

Just another pooch who I happened to love a lot 🌿

Peru we coming in HOT. Same clothes 12 hours later

I look gross, but airport selfie, Ecuador you have been something. Onto the next adventure with squad

Spent the past 13 days in the Amazon Rainforest. We have been working alongside a community named Shiwakucha, and how amazing it has been. Words cannot describe how kind they were. Never have I met people so humble, kind and positive. Everyone needs to take a leaf out of there book. Last night one of them said to me that he would never forget me and that I am taking a piece of him home. I am also leaving a part of my heart behind. I will never ever ever forget you Shiwakucha. Where my soul belongs 🦋

I’m not usually soppy but I miss u The truest, purest bond I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. My soul mate x

Spotted this and lost my mind. Beautiful in so many different ways. Stunning is my only words.

Oh hello... Writing postcards and journaling on the beach is so very peaceful, the wind, the animals. Can I never ever leave?

“Just waiting for a mate” 🗺