Hello everyone and happy Monday! I've finished and uploaded my newest YouTube video on how to make this delicious and healthy butterfly pea flower swirl bread!! 💜🦋💙 This recipe also features butter toasted oat porridge (for those who want to see how to prepare and incorporate porridge in a loaf). See the link in my bio at the top of my Instagram page to check it out! 😃 . I’m also excited to announce that beginning with this video, I will now be offering for sale a supplemental PDF document containing the content of my specific videos including the full recipe notes & methods! While these documents won’t be necessary to learn the techniques I use in my videos, they may help provide further insight into my methods for those that would like it. These supplemental PDFs will include a transcript of the video (in case you would prefer to read the full specs or translate the text), a detailed flowchart, my rationale behind each step of the method, answers to some commonly asked questions, time-stamps that correspond to the video, and additional detail regarding how I fit the process into my day! Links to these PDFs can be found within the YouTube video descriptions, which will take you to Gumroad.com. . In addition to the requests I’ve received for this specific type of media, I hope these PDFs will help to answer many of the questions I’ve received since uploading the Basic Open Crumb video a month ago (yes, the Basic Open Crumb video now has its own PDF posted too!), while at the same time providing an outlet for fellow bakers that have asked for a way to help support the work I am doing 🤗 💗 I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words of support! I will try my best to continue to provide quality info about sourdough bread!
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2019-05-01 10:53:41

@rockandranch check this shit out!

@glsmozbek hello and thank you! You can see the full recipe tutorial if you click the link in my bio - look for my list recent YouTube video for full instructions 💜😊💗

Gülsüm Özbek
2019-03-31 02:44:27

@fullproofbaking Kristen looks stunning, can you hasthag to me the recipe

@fullproofbaking Thank you! Will definitely check that. Look at my profile for result on the purple swirl sourdough, success 😊🙏🏻

@malmobread wonderful to hear! These are the spatulas I love! GLOUE Silicone Spatula Set -... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DLHA9OA

@fullproofbaking So inspired! Will try something similar with purple potatoes today 👏🏻 Would like to ask you - which is your “favourite spatula”? Would like to buy one for myself 😊 Thank you for sharing your work! ❤️

@lewner pea flower

2019-03-20 18:31:40

I already watched the video clip 3 times and loved it. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!!

2019-03-20 10:35:34



@messina_bread_crumbs this made me think of you guys!



June Tay
2019-03-17 17:45:32



Wend Mui
2019-03-16 01:12:17

Beautiful 👏👏

@fullproofbaking oh i know bluechaï tea, must be the same.

@mariesoleilperreault this is butterfly pea flower steeped tea 💙🦋💜 full recipe now up on YouTube! 🤗

Did you put psylliun in it?

Great video, looking forward to the next one 👍