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My husband and son put a timer on and told me I was only allowed to photograph for 4 minutes before they would "attack" this loaf 😂 My first (successful) bittersweet chocolate babka, adapted from the recipe from the new book by @danmakesbread #livingbread - a gorgeous recipe book full of recipes I am excited to bake! This one uses sourdough discard, and I added a touch of espresso powder to help bring out the chocolate flavor even further. I won't publish the full recipe as it is not my own, but I will post below the changes I made. So freaking delicious! Can't wait to have another slice tomorrow with my morning coffee 😍😋 . . . Recipe changes: I used the French bread flour by @kingarthurflour which was more similar to the Type 55 flour recommended in the recipe. I chose to melt the filling - combining 70% cacoa bittersweet chocolate in a double boiler with unsalted butter, 1/4 tsp of espresso powder, and sugar. After first attempting to cut out the dry yeast (and failing to get enough rise due to the enrichments), I ended up cutting the dry instant yeast portion by half, and this doubled the recommended fermentation duration (bulked in wine fridge overnight 16 hours at 45°F; proofed at room temp 4 hours at 73°F until doubled in volume). Instead of a simple twist, I cut my rolled up dough log with a knife in half and braided the exposed half logs. I proofed in an 8.5"x4.5" instead of 9"x5", and baked for an additional 15 minutes more at 350°F 💗

Continuing to work with lower protein ancient grains for this larger (385g total flour) bake - 40% mix of Kamut, einkorn, and emmer 🌾 Also added in an additional 10% white wheat sprouts for extra flavor and nutrition (sprouted and ground up fresh before adding to the dough). Such great flavor - nutty and grassy and sweet - and though the dough was a little stickier than I'm used to, it had a really lovely rise in the oven and a delicate, lacy crumb structure. Happy and oh so grateful to be able to pull these warm, healthy loaves made with love from my oven each morning 💗😊 . . . Quick specs: Please see my YouTube Basic Method tutorial for more tips on reach stage of the process 💗🌾 Autolyse was 2 hours long, composed of 350g flours (195g @kingarthurflour bread flour, 10%/39g @jovialfoods AP einkorn, 10%/39g emmer, and 20%/77g white Kamut) and 295g water. Mixed in 20%/70g levain, then 2.1%/8g sea salt 30 min later. Final hydration therefore was 86% including flour and water from the levain. 10%/40g fresh ground sprouts were folded in right after salt step. 1 light fold, 1 lamination, 4 coil folds (separated by 50-60 min each) throughout bulk. Total bulk lasted 6 hours at a steady 74°F. Final proof at 38°F for 12 hours. Baked using @challengerbreadware pan like you see in my recent 50% whole wheat YouTube tutorial 👍

Unbelievable flavor with this 50% fresh milled whole grain wheat! Milled a mix of hard white spring wheat (@palouse_brand) and hard red spring wheat (@bobsredmill) using my @wolfgangsmockmill 🌾 Coarse grain was sifted out and soaked overnight using boiling water to knock out enzymatic activity. Folded back in the bran after the salt step, using the #splitdough technique with the wheat and bread flour as I show in detail in my recent YouTube tutorial 😊 I believe this is the most delicious loaf of bread I've ever made - it's just melt-in-your-mouth fantastically flavorful, nutty and creamy, earthy with a bit of tang. Just - insane flavors!! 💕😍 . . . Specs: check out my recent 50% whole wheat tutorial up on YouTube! Some extra steps for fresh milled wheat... Milled on fairly fine setting the night before, and sifted off the bran. As @maurizio recommends, I soaked the coarse bran overnight (of the 150g whole wheat berries I milled, 50g was coarse bran - so added on top 80g boiling water and let it sit, covered, overnight). Fine WW flour and bread flour fractions were autolysed the next morning like in the YouTube tutorial (remaining 100g WW + 100g water; and 150g BF + 115g water). Levain and salt were added, and then to the fine WW dough I gently folded in the soaked softened bran. Laminated like you see in the photos (swipe over to see). Then given 3 coil folds throughout rest of bulk. Total bulk was 5.5 hours long at 74°F. Proofed overnight at 38°F. Baked in @challengerbreadware pan 👍

Roasted garlic with black sesame, in a pillowy soft crumb with 30% white Kamut. This is from the loaves made on Friday (see last two posts) - brought them up to Wisconsin for a 3-day weekend vacation with friends. It actually snowed here yesterday - what the what?! ❄️ Keeping nice and warm indoors! 😆 . . . Specs: all hand mixed! Autolyse 2.5 hours 300g flours (200g BF + 100g white Kamut) with 270g water. Added levain (20%/60g) and sea salt (2.1%/6.5g) as you see in my Basic Method tutorial up on YouTube. Laminated and smeared on mashed roasted garlic (2.4%/8g) and sprinkled on black sesame seeds (1.5%/5g). Remainder of bulk performed 3 coil folds, one every hour. Total bulk was 6 hours at 74°F. Shaped, proofed overnight at 38°F 12 hours. Baked in @challengerbreadware pan as shown in my recent 50% whole wheat tutorial 🌾💗

Crusty goodness - roasted garlic, black sesame, with 30% white Kamut; sister loaf of the one featured in the last oven spring vid 🌾 Crumb soon 😋 Happy Friday!

Exciting news I wanted to share with you! I will be collaborating with Lisa & Jim Challenger of @challengerbreadware to host a workshop next month up in Northfield (about a half hour north of the city)! Date is set for November 10, from 3-7pm 🌾 . In these small group classes (capped at 8-10 students), I will demonstrate & teach my full method of making an open crumb sourdough bread from beginning to end with any and all updates to my overall process. The 4-hour class will feature in-depth exploration of all aspects of sourdough: including starter/levain care, autolysing, bulk fermentation, dough handling, baker's math, shaping, final proof, & how to bake in a home oven. There will be plenty of time for Q&A throughout, so bring your questions! Please find the link to the class at the top of my Instagram page - link in my bio as well as in the Featured Highlight titled 'Workshops!' 😊🌾 . . As for the oven spring video... I wanted to share my method for baking using my electric oven (no fan, no cover). Hot stone and broiling tray at the back of the oven filled with lava rocks, all preheated 60 min at 500°F. Load dough, then add 1 cup hot water onto the rocks just before closing the door. Baked 485°F 20 min. Opened door to vent steam, turn down heat to 450°F and continue baking 20 more min 🌾 Crumb soon! . Additional info: KitchenAid electric oven, conventional setting (no fan!) Lava rocks: Amazon B000VYIRR8 16"x14" thick stone: similar to Amazon B07CYLBZXQ

New YouTube tutorial now uploaded! 🌾 How to make a 50% whole wheat sourdough bread using the split dough technique. See my bio for a direct link, or visit my YouTube channel at Full Proof Baking. . . Also now available, the accompanying GumRoad PDF - fully supplemental document with a booklet layout, with everything written out you'll find in the tutorial (includes all recipe notes, detailed flowchart, timestamps, diagrams, URL links, and basic troubleshooting). More of a way to help support the work going in to these videos 🙏 See link for the PDF in the description below the YouTube tutorial 🌾😃💗

Busy busy busy - working on a new YouTube tutorial! 50% whole wheat - featuring the #splitdough technique 🌾 Hoping to have it uploaded later this week 💕 For now, happy Monday!

Another whimsical Pullman loaf for my little guy 💙🦋🌾 Sliced one of the two loaves this morning while my son watched - his eyes grew wide when he saw the otherwise plain looking loaf had a surprise within 😆 And this sandwich loaf is full of deliciousness - 15% whole wheat einkorn and butter-toasted oat porridge, a bit of brown sugar and milk powder for sweetness and extra softness. One dough dyed naturally purple-blue using butterfly pea flower tea in place of water. I'll post the full specs below 😃 . . Specs: makes 2 Pullman loaves (13"x4"x4"). Built levain overnight (10% rye/90% bread flour): 14g active starter + 154g water + 154g flour mix. Next morning, prepare tea by steeping 12g butterfly pea flower tops + 280g boiling water; stir for a minute then stain into a bowl. Add approx 50g ice cubes to cool quickly. Also prepare oat porridge: toast 65g quick oats in 20g butter, then simmer in 135g milk and 120g water until cooked. Cool for an hour. Fermento-autolyse for 1 hour: dough A (200g levain + 620g AP flour + 120g WW einkorn + 500g water) & dough B (100g levain + 300g AP flour + 60g WW einkorn + 240g blue tea water). After 1 hour, use mixer to knead in 2% sea salt (17g A/8g B), 10% brown sugar (84g A/41g B), 6% milk powder (50g A/25g B). Then knead in 7.3% melted butter (62g A/30g B). Finally, tip dough out on counter and slap and fold to incorporate 15% oat porridge (130g A/62g B). Bulk ferment 4 hours with 2 coil folds. Divide doughs in half, laminate out on counter (pull out more vertically in length). Layer blue dough out on top of white dough. Roll down to create the coil design and tuck in edges; transfer to parchment-lined Pullman tins. Proof 5 hours at 75°F, until dough just about reaches top rim of pan. Bake in preheated oven 400°F for 30 min with steam, then another 20 min at 350°F. Cool on a rack before slicing (I like to brush on some butter and then cover with a towel while it cools to soften the crust). 🌾😋

Loving how the light shines on this 50% AP einkorn loaf. Again used the split-dough technique (see post from September 20) in order to maximize gluten development and dough extensibility. Sticky einkorn dough was layered into the strong bread flour dough via lamination, and this allowed me to work with the entire dough much more easily! I'm loving this nutritious and healthy, crackly crusty loaf - so much flavor and texture 🌾😋

As a continuation of the experiment I ran last week, here I used a similar split-dough technique using a 15% gluten free mix of buckwheat and fresh milled sorghum in the dough. A couple friends of mine have some intolerance issues with gluten, and they've kindly requested that I try out higher gluten free percentages to see how it goes! I've started here at 15%, but will continue to work my way up... 😋 In the end, I was very pleased with the dough: silky and soft, no tearing or issues with stickiness at the end of the bulk. Final loaf was super flavorful and opened up nicely - what a unique crumb structure! . . Specs: I split the dough into two parts: one dough contained my bread flour (280g flour + 240g water) and was autolysed 3 hours, hand mixed as usual (56g levain; 6.5g salt), and given 1 light fold prior to lamination. The second dough was a mix of buckwheat and fresh milled sorghum (27g each), and this was soaked in hot water (45g) for 3 hours to soften the grain, then briefly mixed with levain (10.5g) and then salt (1.5g) before the lamination step (more notes in my recent September 20 post). **By this point, the buckwheat/sorghum "dough" had softened a bit, but sort of felt like a wet sand mix - next time I'd like to soak overnight 👍 With the bread flour dough spread out on the counter, I dapped bits of the gf mix all over the dough and spread it all out evenly on top. The dough was then folded up, and subjected to 3 coil folds throughout the rest of bulk (one every hour). Careful final shaping of the dough, followed by a short 10 min RT proof and then overnight in the 38°F fridge. Baked next morning as usual.

Butterfly pea flower tea with home milled hard red spring wheat and fresh ground up spelt berry sprouts 🦋💙 Much more even alveoli for today 😄 Always a joy to work with this silky, extensible dough - Lovely creamy crumb, with a mildly sweet flavor with those spelt sprouts. Haven't seen the sun in days here in Chicago... But I do love that overcast, filtered light for photography! . . Specs: *All hand mixed 💗 Please see YouTube Basic Method tutorial (link in bio) for more info regarding each step. Autolysed 1.5 hours: 300g flours (260g bread flour and fresh milled 40g hard red spring wheat) with 290g steeped water [12g clipped flower tops steeped in 300g boiling water for 5 min, then cooled off using ~30g ice cubes before mixing with the flours]. Added 20%/60g levain, then 30 min added 2%/6.5g sea salt. Right after adding salt, gently folded in 12%/40g ground up fresh sprouted spelt berries. *Dough was very wet at first, but throughout bulk the dough strengthened up significantly. 60 min after adding salt/sprouts, performed lamination out on the counter. Then, every hour did a coil fold until bulk ended (last coil fold was 40 min before shaping). Total bulk lasted 6 hours (stable 74.5°F). Straight to final shape, then room temp proof 20 min; overnight cold rest at 38°F. Baked next morning in @challengerbreadware pan 💙🌾