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follw 👉🏻 @ts.tx . #رطرطه_وخضخضه


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To be honest. I’m not perfect. I have flaws. Health issues. I am not as pretty as the whole world expect me to be. Though I am sure my heart inside is more beautiful than anyone can imagine. I know someone out there is watching my every move and looking out for me. I’m always reminded why I’m loved by many people around the world. My fans see me in real life they show mad love. Money and fame never changed me. I remained the same chick just like when I only has few dollars to my name. I always do right by my heart, be the best daughter to my mom and a mother so my son, exactly the my mom raised me to be. Success isn’t given to you. It’s earned. I believe in karma, do you? #missasianbarbie69 #azeeenbarbie69