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Amazing slime + amazing prices⛅️shipping in America 🌷all original content🥥Etsy not open to public🌸Dirrect messaging ~~ open 🙌🏽

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#oosjourneyga 💞❤️🤪 hope I win 😢 @oceansofslime

I know this isn’t slime but thought it was cool. It only took it 47 seconds to dissolve 💘 I won’t be posting anymore videos like this unless I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry if you don’t like. Might delete soon ... who knows 🤪 anyway hope you like it and will hopefully post tomorrow 🥪

Made a few new slimes ! Review coming soon !! Only made a few of each so buy while they last ❣️ this week I will be letting you guys pick the name and who’s name I like the best gets a shoutout in my feed☺️

Making my flubber slime into a great slime😘 also I’m not purposely muting my videos , there was a problem with my volume and in my settings ;( everything is fixed now so all my videos will have volume now ¡! Also DM’s are always open for questions, suggestions, buying info & to buy☺️ - - - #flubberslime #badslimeintogood #crémecolor #slimereview #slimecanada #slimeusa #fff #f4f #morefollowersplease #lovemyfans #fun #slimereview #ineedmorefollowers #buyfromme #slime #lotion #babyoil #crémeslime #amsr

DM’s open ❤️

Nerdy rainbow 🌈 - - sry. Too much background noise I had to mute it🙄 - - 😍

Cr : @galaxyxxslimezz Something new 😍

Limited edition @galaxyxxslimezz Valentine’s Day slime Tutorial💓 Also ! Forgot to mention in the video that you have to let it sit out for 3 dayz

Big bird - - cold water - - spearmint - - disco ball - - crystal clear - - pretty in pink - - Let me know what you think in the comments

Big bird - - 9oz - - tags later

Hey guys ❤️ Sorry for not posting has much. When I do post I usually spam so .... but I’ve been REALLY busy with school and other things. I’m hoping to post tomorrow. Also ! If we can get to 110 followers by February 21 I will have a small giveaway with one winner. 💯

Also I filmed this on my friends musically so that’s not my acc. I don’t have a musically👾 - - omg idk why the music shut off. Sorry

Sand mixing! - - slime smoothie + sand - - enjoy

Mixing ! - - tar + cloud - - enjoy

I’ve heard Instagram is deleting accounts that don’t post with camera. Pls don’t delete me !

EVERYONE GO FOLLOW 🤪@oceansofslime 😛@thiccnglossy 🤩 #thiccnglossy3kgiveaway #thiccnglossy #thiccnglossy3k

Cold water - - personal batch - -tags later

Disco ball - - link in bio - - tags soon

Snowy - - butter slime. Not fully finished. - - tags later

Carmel - - butter slime. Not fully finished - - tags later

Blue butter💙 - - not fully finished - - sorry forgot to mute - - tags later

Everyone pls block @slimexotic !!! It’s a scam!

Cold water - - credits to @thelionslime ❤️ty! - - tags later

Bubble gum 💗 - - is there sound ? - - tags later

Names? - - tar slime - - tags later

Names - - slime smoothie - - sorry , the noise was my dog. - - tags later

I’m bored so looked In my camera roll and found slime swirl pictures💞if anyone wishes to buy these slime pls dm. Dms are now open💞 first order gets a free 2oz. And these slimes ⤴️ are all 20% off.

Please read. Ending very very important ❤️