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все временное отпусти, и забудь. твоё обязательно придёт.

Pés descalços nesse paraíso, pedindo licença a mãe Iemanjá, entrando com o pé direito que é para abençoar. Sempre que estou em paz, sei que estou com Ela 🦉 Obrigada meu Deus por tudo. Obrigada Fortaleza 🙏🏻✨

Happy birthday everyone, may this year teach you how to read shadows, play with spirits, and talk to your own numerous identities. . As I inch past another year, strolling happily towards my death, satisfied yet hungry, horny yet orgasming... ..I have learnt how to fuck the world, in my mind, I have learnt how to love women, in the most evil manner, I have learnt how to fuck my own ego, and make it cum, and then spill that cum into this physical realm that we all materialise in, and then see my face, my ancestors faces, my lovers faces, all in the reflection within that cum, staring back at me. Endless. Abysmal. Yet beautiful. Life is something that you need to experience with me, enclosed in a hotel room somewhere, just you and me alone, earth shattering moments between us. . I bless you this year, and ask for your blessings. Fumes.. fluids.. your touch.. whatever, send it to me, through me, melt me, forge me, become one with me. . For that is the only way you’ll ever get me...

Bighit berterimakasih ke army. Kalian dengerin fake love di Spotify yg today top hits ya. Link nya di bio 😘😘💜💜 -lala

Going to do a Chyna and say "Im#A.F. not pregnant " Im just bloated ! Look at the booty tho.