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Update! DURING FILMFARE AWARDS😘 .SRK kept pulling the younger actor's leg ,Ranveer who kept at it while also flirting with Manushi Chillar in another act.It was only when SRK jokingly threatened him of Skypeing Deepika to inform her of his antics that the lover boy fled the scene😂😄😍 / While the audience was in splits,SRK teased Ranveer,"Tu paida bhi nahi hua tha jab Maine Deepika k saath yeh movie ki thi.Meaning you weren't even born when I had made this film OSO with Deepika!😄😄😄😂😂😝 • • • @deepikapadukone @ranveersingh #deepveer #cutemoments #mrandmrsbhavnani

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Час ночи😂только вышел из душа. Решил выпить чай и лечь спать. И вдруг, откуда не возьмись, моя шумоголовая сестра решила НАМУКАНИТЬ мне на голову Ребят, уже нет той злой реакции, так как у нас это уже привычное дело. P.S. Любимая сестричка 😡😤🤯😤😤 (👱🏼‍♀️/ @ivetakochkonyan777 )

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Guten Abend ihr Liebeeen☺ Ich habe heute nach dem Training nur entspannt😴 und mit meinem Kätzchen geschmust🐱, ein paar Fotos gemacht📸 und Suits gesuchtet🤓👌🏽 Jetzt gehts gleich ans Mealprep für die nächsten 3 Tage🍝 - Es ist einfach sooo eine Erleichterung und entspannt wenn man nach Hause kommt & alles schon fertig ist!😁 Seitdem ich wieder etwas konsequenter bei der Ernährung bin & besonders auf ausreichende Eiweißzufuhr achte sowie regelmäßig beim Training bin , gehts richtig gut voran!💪😊#happyme Wie läuft's bei euch momentan?☺❤ #weekend #goodvibes #sundays #smile

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No because I knew he wouldn’t fall

Julio Luna
2017-12-12 15:51:10

Best meme

2017-12-12 13:53:34


2017-12-12 04:40:27


2017-12-12 04:00:07

Vegeta meme ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)

2017-12-12 02:10:17

Vegeta is meme

2017-12-11 23:26:59


Kevin Roman
2017-12-11 18:42:45

Yet piccolo can make his arms 200 times longer yet cannot recover smash Bros style

2017-12-11 17:27:55

I’m a Vegeta fan and I was gonna be mad asf if he was eliminated like that

They played us hella in that episode except when piccolo got knocked

All in two seconds

2017-12-11 12:51:28

Ikr he saved himself i was so relieved

@raypolly85 I'm actually pissed about that. Piccolo was killin it, if they had to drop him they should've dropped him after 18. He could have just extended his arms to grab a boulder or something

Jordan Miller
2017-12-11 08:50:03

Piccolo retarded af nigga Couldve saved himself

2017-12-11 08:41:00


2017-12-11 08:20:37

@bitchdatsprince hes vegeta thats how

@raypolly85 me too

2017-12-11 07:42:56

Haters : Gonna need a senzu for that !! (😂😝)

2017-12-11 07:19:05


2017-12-11 07:18:58

No cause no one is actually that stupid to belive that vegeta would just het eliminated so easily

People who were stupid enough to believe he’d actually be out are clearly Vegeta haters😂

2017-12-11 06:31:30

@raypolly85 Ikr That Shit Was Ass

Raymond Polly
2017-12-11 06:23:08

Know what blows my mind is piccolo saves gohan with his long arms but cant do it to save himself lol

2017-12-11 06:10:50

Pretty much lol

gerardo v.
2017-12-11 05:28:07

Why would I I never though he was gonna get eliminated

2017-12-11 05:23:00

@bitchdatsprince foreal tho like wtf

💤Just Chill🌴
2017-12-11 05:07:30

He got everybody ass but not mine

how can you grip a corner?

2017-12-11 04:47:11

Fooled a lot of people, who thought he would really be the next to fall💀😂