Today, we are celebrating 19 years of God’s steadfast faithfulness to @ihopkc on this 19th of September! We look back and we marvel at your works, o God! . 19 years of unceasing adoration and intercession, 19 years of never ending music and singing, 19 years of continued works of justice, 19 years of God hiding us in the shadow of His presence, 19 years of incense arising before the throne and bowls filling, 19 years of His kindness leading us to repentance, 19 years of God displaying His power in His sanctuary, 19 years of God building His house with ordinary, but lovesick people. . House of prayer (in Kansas City and all over the earth): THIS IS WISDOM! Keep looking for His glory in the sanctuary (Psalm 63:2)! . . 📷: @madison.pierce1 . #prayermovement #19yearanniversary #propheticmusic #skilledmusicians #skilledsingers #lovesick #brideofchrist #ihopkc #tabernacleofdavid #psalm63 #faithfulness
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