Plump pipi’s battered. Yum @theolfactoryinn 👏👏 #pipirevolution #yum
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#repost @m2mpd ・・・ 월요병 치유엔 월요스포가 명약입니다😉💊 #svt클럽 #seventeen #세븐틴 #mnet #m2 #엠넷 #엠투

#bellyfat #transformationtuesday Swipe left for a series of stomach transformation pictures to show that it's a lengthy process to shred belly fat. I've been asked a lot recently how I got rid of my belly fat so I thought I would do a post on it 👍🏼☺️ Here are some tips I learnt that really helped me to get rid of having a belly. ✋🏼(apart from the obvious: stop eating takeaways 5 nights a week and get down the gym) 1️⃣ Its a long process, be patient, it isn't going to happen overnight. 2️⃣@vickyjustiz is a goddess and her ab workouts for a tiny waist taught me so much and are amazing!!! 3️⃣DRINK WATER! Sorry I know it's boring but it's crucial to help get rid of a belly. 4️⃣Cut out or heavily cut down on fizzy drink and overly processed foods. Make your own pasta and wraps rather then buying them everyday (even if they are low calorie they can have a lot of sodium) and make as many meals fresh as you can. 5️⃣Apple cider vinegar- supposedly helps to de-bloat and burn fat. Some say it doesn't do anything, some say it does, who knows? I thought it worked 🤷🏻‍♀️ (2 tbsp in water once a day, I have it at night) 6️⃣Overnight oats for breakfast! A filling breakfast that is kind to your stomach ❤️ 7️⃣Do some weights as well as cardio. Both can be beneficial for fat loss. 8️⃣Overall weight loss is key. If you have a lot to lose, focus on losing weight at first. If you don't want to lose weight but want to tone and build some curve, look at your diet and try some ab workouts. 9️⃣For actual exercises: heel touches, bicycle crunches, side plank dips, plank dips, reverse crunches, leg raises, Russian twists, flutter kicks and @vickyjustiz workouts. 1️⃣0️⃣Get enough sleep and don't stress. (I know that's easier said then done for some people) I hope this helps 💕😍 #weightlosstransformation

@grandhotelchiambretti #sarazanier #attrice #actress #bestpic

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