Our website has recently been updated to include some of our favourite Chefs and their examples of #pipilove This week we're totally inspired to recreate @comida_centralmarkets Mojo verde. It looks so fragrant and so fresh! Yum. 😋 #pipirevolution
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براي خنداندن تو برايت بزرگترين چرخ فلك دنياميشوم،،،اسب ميشوم ،،،گاو ميشوم ،،،و اگر تو قول بدهي قهقه بزني خر هم ميشوم،،،دخترم ميداني من مادرم،،،روزي كه مادر شوي ،،،احساس مرا مانند من درك خواهي كرد،،،براي خندان تو دنيا را هم به چرخ مياورم ،،،فقط تو بخند #دستنوشته_هاي_طنازي #آگرين_كاظمي #آگرين_دختر_بهار ٩٧/٣/٢٩ @nellsphoto عكس خوب از دوست خوب

What's happening backstage? #MissIndiaFinale

Lord we didn’t ask for this heat 😓 time for them summer dresses

I f*ck up sometimes. I’m a crybaby in real life but will curse you out the next minute. I can’t multitask. I still believe in love stories. I’m NOT perfect. But this ambition & hustle is what separates me from the rest 😘 #PrissK