#throwback - Jinyoung was surprised over the fake leaves Jisoo suddenly throws and Jisoo seems to know it.... 😂 Look at how they were watching eachother from the monitor too and lowkey laughed at eachother 😆 P.S Inkigayo New MCs has been announced.SEVENTEEN's Mingyu,DIA's Chaeyeon and Actor Song Kang will be the new MCs.Good luck to them but no one can replace and beat our JinJiDo trio tbh...I think everyone can agree to that ✌🏻️😩 . . . #jinji #jinyoungjisoo #got7jinyoung #parkjinyoung #jinyoung #blackpinkjisoo #kimjisoo #jisoo #got7 #blackpink #gotpink #gotblink #jinjido #kpop #kdrama
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#fizugkbol 🤔 . Na fame Na paisa Jisko pyar na mila Wo insan, insan kaisa . Ye baat meri sun lo Ye patthar ki lakeer hai Bina pyar k chahe jitna kamalo Wo rehta fakeer hai . Hathi k daant dikhawe ke hote hai Chori ka darr rehta hai . Ab suno ghaur se fizu jo kehta hai . Paisa aur fame puri nahi karta kisiki absence Bank me nahi Life me rakho Balance . Paise aur fame se bika jo Kya khaakh uska zameer hai . . Rehta hu fizul Fame aur paise ki fikr nahi karta Pyar baadh ki tarah duba jaata hai mujhe Talent ka kya kaam, ye toh meri takdeer hai . Ye baat meri sun lo Ye patthar ki lakeer hai Bina pyar k chahe jitna kamalo Wo rehta fakeer hai . Ye bus ek caption nahi.... Fizu ka teer hai... kisiko ishq me dubata hai kisiki jaan jalata hai 💘 Photo me Main, #panasonic aur #kashmir hai 🤘🏻🔥 . #panasonicsmartphones #fizukisena #fizukisenaroars #fizuliyat #musically #musicallyindia #fizuinkashmir #nature #photography #fizuendorses #muser #doctor #influencer #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #india #karnataka #belgaum

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Action time. 😁 Like, tag a friends and commet please 👇

Estoy aburrida y nerviosa, cuéntenme algo 💕 me van a operar de un quiste y todavía falta 1 hora!

ESPALHE AM❤️R - @adidasbrasil

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6 Days 17 Hours Ago


Renatha Adzuria
7 Days 5 Hours Ago


Derek R. Fong
7 Days 8 Hours Ago

No one will be able to replace Jinjido! Our funny savage fun trio 👍❤

Yea no one can replace jinjido even if they’re not MCs anymore. I miss them so much

E to the J
7 Days 11 Hours Ago

JinJiDo is like the most iconic trio MCs!!! They can never be replaced~~

Kim Kim
7 Days 12 Hours Ago

@got7_bpink Thanks 😊

@kimk07323 Not today plus they're not MCing anymore too.It was from last year Inkigayo ep.

7 Days 15 Hours Ago

I miss this, my heart always hurts linda looking at their moments. No im not joking or overacting. Like kskansn 💔💔

7 Days 15 Hours Ago


Kim Kim
7 Days 16 Hours Ago

Today JINYOUNG? @got7_bpink

- georgia -
7 Days 17 Hours Ago


Woow jinyoung so handsome and his hair 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

7 Days 19 Hours Ago

This is cute and this ep have cutee and many lol moments

7 Days 19 Hours Ago

Yeah, jinjido is too powerful y’all 💓

Nuril Masrurah
7 Days 20 Hours Ago


7 Days 22 Hours Ago

😚 too much lovely moments on that episode 😌😌