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My total awkward hand positioning is key in this picture and probably most obvious but going to post anyways NOT ONLY for that reason but because of some body image issues I've been having lately 😭 I could sit here editing or smoothing my lopsided-ness, piercings, awkward side boob going on but refuse to as I need to continuously grow in self-love 🖤 I could sit here looking up a million ways "how to get rid of that armpit fat" or instead I could love it and the way it is exactly where it needs to be. Lately, I've been seeing and having people coming to me out of frustration that their body goals aren't progressing as fast or as perfectly as they want to be. SO MANY TIMES we have heard and have been introduced to remedies, challenges, fastest ways to get exactly what we think we want when our bodies are exactly perfect the way they are already. The BEST remedy is something I will always preach in that you must have a HEALTHY MINDSET for a healthy body. 💪🏼As many times as I have read or seen posts like this, I honestly skim over them but after taking and seeing this specific picture of myself, thought I would contribute in the fact that I am exactly human and exactly how I am supposed to be 💜 I will continue to progress in all ways and appreciate all of you who have supported me from the beginning! Back to my essay posts? Maybe so 🤷🏻‍♀️ Happy Wednesday!

I like my coffee BLACK ☕️


MEME PACK #35 * * * * Dawno nie było takiego większego i z takimi (według mnie) genialnymi memami, więc proszę bardzo 🤣💥 Wszystkie brane z aplikacji "JBZD" bardzo polecam 😉

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