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Will have intercourse with anything with a pulse

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New spiderman looks great

What is comedy anymore

Thwap . Credit: Cyndago on YT (the two in the video are on a channel called Supermega too)

This meme is still funny change my mind . Inspired by @ej_mitchell2

When you're waiting for a serious review of a game by your favorite YouTuber but he just makes a really funny video about the worst aspects of the game . Credit to videogamedunkey on YT


Funny video of monke dance . Pretty unoriginal OC (Though it is highly unlikely, if you repost this please give credit)

Mr Bubs just tryna avoid those kisses from thots

I got depressed at this earlier today now you must as well

Anybody out here with Dr. Shasta


Two gods meet on the battlefield

I mean there isn’t really an argument to be had here Credit: @labrynth.mp4

Dunkey is my lord and savior

College classes tomorrow feels

My brother harasses me with his PC clout help Credit: @bearboob

Last day before school feels

When you