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Never mix sugar and alcohol. That is like the polar opposite of your mashed potatoes and broccoli. ©2018 Гарсси Прокофьев Проект

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22 Paradigm + E.44y

Привет!! Гарсси!!! Hey hey, today is a special day. Did you know? Today is known as 🌜Lunar New Year!!🌛 Wow!! I did not know there can be two new years!!! How exciting!! I read that lunar new years have animals they bring with them. This year is bringing a 🐶dog🐕! Yay!! What coincidence!! I have best friend that is a dog! He's Chacho!!.......at least I think he's a dog....now pausing to consider it, he looks an awful lot like a bear.....maybe a fox? A fox is close to a dog, so that works! I want to play with him and Lupe all day today! I am owed some compensation for Valentine's Day! Chacho doesn't seem to be sharing my enthusiasm though...Chacho can be such a grumpy sometimes. I have something planned that will change his mind fast! Just you watch! 你好, ése!

Привет!!! Гарсси!!! Today is 💗Valentine's Day!!💗 I wasn't so sure what this day was in celebration of at first, but thorough observation has lead to the conclusion that today is day to eat 🍫chocolate!🍫 So strange!! This world keeps surprising me everyday! So different from my home! Chacho is too busy to play, though....he says he's spending today with Lupe...why? Can't we all play together? I'll be lonely without them...I think I'll ask June if she wants to play! She's never too busy for anything! I hope she baked extra chocolate! I tear right through that stuff so fast, you'd swear I could down an entire air balloon made of the stuff!! Ура! I'm off! 💕Happy Valentine's Day!💞

A Ni M Aanout A Hpone

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Aahtaat Aanoutmyawwat Myay Piyn

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18 💥Bouncy💫 Castle


~миу.....привет...Гарсси...I so tired today. I just want to cuddle up by the fireplace and sleep till noon....hey, hey, what do you like to do when you're ready for a nap?

STG-219 Bulwark 005

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35 Forest Moon 🌙

New Years on Amplified 🍡

Pastoral Brickyard

Seek the Pleasures

Naoko Rehearshing

Привет!! Гарсси!!! 🎆🎉Today is New Year's Eve in Barstow!!🎊🎇 I got dressed in my finest formal wear for a grand fête this evening. Chacho not like it though! Imagine! He say it too over the top! Nonsense!! Where I came from, people celebrated the new year from dawn to dusk. It was weeks of party! For shame if a bull or cow didn't look their finest!! That was my thinking!! Anyway, have a Happy New Year!! С новым годом!!!!🎉

Everyone!!!! Привет!!!! Гарсси Прокофьев!!!! Guess what!? It is Christmas Day!!!🎄🎁🎅 Счастливого Рождества!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! I hope you all having fun with your families!!! Chacho and Lupe want to spend whole day with me!!! Is going to be unforgettable!!! I think June wanted to give me gift, though....I find her later!! Lupe will make Christmas dinner for all of us!! I too excited!!! Everyone, I have no time to waste! Is best day ever!! Bye! Merry Christmas!!!! (The Гарсси Прокофьев Проект would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Thank you for your support!)

Christmas Midnight Mass

Счастливого Рождества! Hello! Гарсси!! Today is 🎄Christmas🎁 Eve! Ура! Where I came from, my village would put on a big feast in celebration of today. My family and I would all go together to join the townsfolk in the fun! Things different now that I in Barstow...I no sure I like it. I think Chacho and Lupe have fun ways of celebrating all the same! Hey hey, how does your family celebrate Christmas time? I like all traditions from across world!

🎄Christmas Eve at Home🎄

🎄Christmas Traditions🎄

Ура! Hey hey, did you know!? Today is my 🎂birthday🎂!? I very excited!! Lupe says she will take me to the downtown marketplace today for shopping!! I like the small things! Later Chacho will take us all to look at the Christmas light displays throughout Barstow!! I so happy!!! I think today is also ❄winter solstice❄. Lupe told me is longest night of the year. She also says she'll make her special sweet tamales today! I wonder if I get early presents!! I wonder if everyone wants slice of birthday cake?? Поехали, Поехали!!

Ночь в Театре Начальной Школы

🎅🚴Cycle Claus🚴🎅

Christmas Fête at the Royal Palace