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Went to Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate in a Cadillac Biarritz. What is this life?! 🍸 | @bearjournal #bearjournal #california #palmsprings #cadillac

' Selamun Aleykum Kızlar Söz Verdiğim Gibi O Çok Istediginiz Sal Videomu Sizleri Kırmayıp Çektim ☺ Artık Sizde Bana Bolca Dua Edersiniz Ödesiriz😜 Öncelikle @Evla_collection A Tsk Ederim Bu Güzel Salı İçin❤ Bu Modeli Yapabilmeniz İçin En Büyük Sifon Salardan Gerekli Kızlar Yani 150 × 150 Bu Salari @Evla_collection Dan İstediğin Renk Ve Boyutan Bulabilirsiniz 🙏 Pek Özenle Yapamadım Kızlar İdare Edin Umarim Bu Şekilde Yardımcı Olmuşumdur 😘

Live life to the fullest😌✨💓▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎ Also, what's your favorite season?¿ I like winter winter because of Christmas, but I actually like fall the best😂🍁▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎▫︎ #fall #winter #christmas #whatsyourfavoriteseason #instafeed #instagram

** DEEPBREATHS ** hey again, guys. i finally had the courage to make a post about this. as you already know, i did season 2 of Love Me Black & Blue for readers' request & high demands. but it turned out so unexpectedly disappointment for me, because of the readers who condemned and questioned my own hard work. i liked the way how season 1 ended, it's realistic and it's the "real" LMB&B book. this is gonna be a shocking and sad announcement, no matter how much i hate to say this but... i'm officially announcing that i will END it at season one. (episode 20, the real book/version.) i know this is disappointing... trust me, this is hard for me and i almost cried while thinking about it. but i don't think i can continue season 2 just because i think i owe my readers something. there you go, i ended it at season 1. chapter 21-24 (season 2) are already be deleted and erased, i've locked the blank chapters. this is a huge deal for me, and i'm so sad to let season 2 go, but i'm also relieved at the same time. to those who supports me & this story from the start, thank you. thank you for believe in me and always love my hard work and passion. i hope you can understand it and i'd appreciate it if you do. if you decided to read the story again, just replay the whole thing again (1-20). remember, there's no more season 2. for this, i hope you're still supporting me and read my other stories. thank you for reading until now, and i love you guys. 🖤 ** LOVE ME BLACK & BLUE is now COMPLETED ** • #episodechooseyourstory #episodeinteractive #episodelife #lovemeblackandblue

머리는 못 기를듯..ㅠㅠ 결국 또 머리 잘랐음 ㅜㅜ😂 . . #셀카#셀피#셀피그램#얼스타그램#얼스타#뷰티#패션#패션블로거#뷰티블로거#화장품#뷰티스타그램

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