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Don’t fuck with my stimulus ☝🏽 Open WOD 14.5/16.5: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3reps each Thrusters Bar facing burpees Men use 95lb barbell. Women use 65lb barbell. I performed this with the new burpee standards and it took me a minute to get used to it. I was dry heaving afterwards. 🤢 I’ll never forget watching the announcement of this workout here in San Francisco. This will be my 5th year participating in the open💪🏽💗 #crossfit #fitness #intheopen vibes.

Hot Babe🔥 @simplysexygirlz. . . . 📸 @juli.annee

Koja Vitez

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Little Cuban 🔪❤️ are Cubans really that crazy yes or no!? I wanna know your story 🤷🏻‍♀️

Salam menim canlarim 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


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外出拜年。。今年第一拜 😂

Hello! Call me uni🙆

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Sering ucap kata cela, tapi jarang ngaca? Please banyakin istighfar❤ Niqab yaman by @anizahkhimar


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朝ごはん🍙。 イギリスでもご飯はだいたい和食です。 東原さんにいただいた、VEGETABLE STOCKという野菜のお出汁、大活躍✨✨✨ @akihigashihara #ありがとう

♡Ciclos da Vida♡ “O que as pessoas mais desejam é alguém que as escute de maneira calma e tranquila. Que nos observem com atenção. Em silêncio. Sem dar conselhos. Apenas nos olhando serenamente. Sem que digam: “Se eu fosse você”. A gente ama não é a pessoa que fala bonito. É a pessoa que escuta bonito. A fala só é bonita quando ela nasce de uma longa e silenciosa escuta. É na escuta que o amor começa. E é NA não-escuta que ele termina. Não aprendi isso nos livros, não aprendi em filmes . Aprendi prestando atenção”. Devemos ouvir com amor!!! #sabedoria #ifa #caminhosdesabedoria #youtube #canal#motivacional #palestra #coach #vida #life #vida#ciclos #cca #instagood #instaotunbaadekunleoficial #assessoria #grupoxmdcomunicacao

National Geographic

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Video by @stephenwilkes. This past Sunday, 2/18/18 was World Whale Day. While the day has passed I couldn’t let it go without sharing my loop view of the majestic Robson Bight. I had the opportunity to photograph a Day to Night at the Bight in 2016. I was enchanted with the beauty of the Bight which is a sanctuary for Orca Whales. Each year the whales return to the protected habitat famous for its whale rubbing beaches. Pods of Orcas come to rub themselves on the barnacle-encrusted rocks, pebbles and gravel seafloor at Robson Bight. It’s quite exciting to see a killer whale in the wild breaking the surface and shooting spurts of mist from its blowhole. I photographed at Robson Bight for almost 30 hours I listened to the whales and became entranced with their individual sounds which we recorded and you can hear in this loop view. Thank you to CETUS Research and Conservation Society for helping to make this photograph possible. I hope you all enjoy the sounds and beauty of Robson Bight. To see more of my work please visit me @stephenwilkes. #robsonbight #canada #cetus #vancouverisland #daytonight #britishcolumbia #orca #humpbackwhale #killerwhale

-en bild på 3st nöjda gossar på väg hem från årets sista löshundsjakt. Det är trots allt gemenskapen och umgänget som är det bästa med jakten tycker jag. Sola lugnt i eftermiddag!☀️👨🏽‍🌾👨🏽‍🌾🐶🍂❄️🐇

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Geceye bir söz bırakın." 🌙🍷 23:00 @hayalgibiydik

@soniaamatsanchez ❤️❤️❤️ por muchos años juntas 💋


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תודה על הזכות.. #הם_הגיבורים_שלנו

Him: But what you bring to the table? Me: 🙄You know why your here🧐😴🤦🏾‍♀️

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Happy Sunday #coffeetime @saxxunderwear


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180218 #shinee official site Update with #taemin . [TRANS] Everyone, thank You for today. Today, being able to stand on stage was all thanx to you (fans), also thanks to th staff and SHINee members. The memories we spent with jjong, also the memories we made with everyone, I remembered many things. We cannot change any of these memories... I will be happy if I can make unforgettable memories with everyone at Tokyo Dome. . ©mint_age #shineeworldthebest2018 #shineeworldthebest2018fronnowon #kyoceradomeday2

A I M E É ✨

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As u can tell it was cold x


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Escama só de peixe. Uaiiiiiii 🐠🐠#instagramers #love #boy