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2nd Year Tattooist at Brilliance Tattoo in Boston. •HannahMMedeiros@gmail.com •No dm tattoo requests •Books closed 🖤

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Rosie on the foot, thanks for not accidentally kicking me in the face @gnate1 🥀✨🥀 #brilliancetattoo #bostontattoo #blackwork #blackclaw #tttism #enmanierenoire #blacktattooart

Thanks so much for getting one of my sad girls Grace, these are always a personal favorite 🖤

Tea plant, thanks again Ella!

Snake in hand from my book, thanks so much @katnoirink, I hope you have an awesome trip! Made @black_iris_tattoo

A take on the paining by Diego Velazquez‘ Rokeby Venus, thanks so much Skye!

Such a fun change of pace, thanks for letting me do these waves for you Helen 🌊✨

Rose and magnolias, thanks again Gabbie!

Such a pleasure to tattoo this sweet angel for @maggie_for_margaret, thank you so much for coming to see me. I can’t wait for more! @black_iris_tattoo

First one done at @black_iris_tattoo today, thanks so much for coming out Julianne!

Added some more heather flowers and another protea, thanks again for the fun piece Nicole!

Love doing braids and hands, thanks again Amanda!

Sister tattoos with lavender and forget me nots, thanks again Laura and Steph 💕💕💕

Hannah Medeiros

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I would love to tattoo one of these on Wednesday September 19th at 3pm. Email me if you’re interested hannahmmedeiros@gmail.com🖤🖤🖤

Started this forest maiden today, can’t wait to finish her! Thanks again Carrie 💕💕💕 #brilliancetattoo #bostontattoo #bostontattooartist