so in love how this turned out, we touched up his blonde then toned it to a 9v... loved having u in my chair!😋 #shadeseq #redken #redkencolor #redkenobsessed

5 hours later and im obsessed with how megan’s hair turned out😍😍 #upto7 #redken #redkenobsessed

kaelin is turnabout reaaady!😍

took aud super dark again & we looooove it 😍 #redkencolor #redkencreamshades #redkenobsessed #redken

i had a good time with these two in my chair today! thanks for comin in today😋

i forgot to post on monday! but loved how this cut turned out! Come visit me for all your hair needs🤪

we took sweet miss @floramcadow to a dark violet today with a nice trim and chemistry treatment! loved having you in my chair today😋 #redken #redkenobsessed #redkencolor #redkencreamshades

filled in this beauty’s natural growth so she blonde blonde now!😍 a chemistry treatment, brow wax and eye lash tint today😊

the picture doesn’t do haley’s hair any justice for how it turned out... but we took her to an all over dark mocha & took an inch off😍 #redken #shadeseqcoverplus #shadeseqbyredken #tspa

a trim, chemistry treatment & lash tint for miss jayda!😍 #redken

love having the graupner’s in my chair... we took about two inches off the top & gave mr.peyton a little fade😋

we took breanna super dark & im in love with how it turned out! swipe to see her transfo😍 #redken #shadeseq

love having this beauty in my chair, we took her back to her natural color today & i love love love it😍

took my pretty momma darker for fall!! don’t forget 25% off of color products until the end of october! 😋

swipe to see @2_baldbaldwin’s transfo! thanks for comin in tonight😋

a chem treatment & 6 inches off of my beautiful bestie😍

the tables have turned and i couldn’t be more excited, thanks for being my first appointment and the goody bag😋 don’t forget to book appointments with me🙂

took a few inches off of this beaut! thanks for being my first haircut! On monday, im finally on the floor! colors,cuts, brow waxes, mani & pedis!! dont forget to make appointments! 25% off colors until the end of october!😋