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Come see us at the Oldenburg Holiday Market! Noon -8pm. Free meat samples (til we run out). And our meat is featured in one of the soups on the menu here. And, we're selling MEAT! Come and #askmeaboutmymeat

Another night of customers! Our little pork chop is having a blast.

Piglets yesterday. Turkeys today. #sewingroomadventures #wildhappycritters

The view from my sewing room window. These piglets are no where near their pen πŸ–

We had a few customers come out tonight. Now time to eat our country style pork ribs for supper!

Brining our #happycritters turkey. Yum!

Mom: Just give me a minute. I need some water. Kids: Yeah, that's totally fine. We can do this while you're drinking water. You won't even know we're here. Mom: 😐 #motheringpiglets #happycritters

The older piglets run in the sun while our last sow farrows in a nearby hut.

Winter walk through Pigletville. I think #bentlyville has met its match with child entertainment in a winter wonderland πŸŒ¨β„πŸŒ¬β˜ƒοΈ

Farming at multiple locations means we never have what we need at the right farm 😁 Last night we hauled the Massey and two round bale feeders (covered in green bean vines from our garden at home). . . #minnesotafall #winterpreparation #knowyourfarmer

The piglets run all over our yard because they fit under the pig fence 🐷

Somebody keeps getting into the pig's feed. Good thing it is grain we trust from a co-op that we love πŸ˜„

A farmer and his babies πŸ˜‚

We didn't even nick a phone line this time! Yay for the small things.

Jack helped Farmer Joe by driving the John Deere 50 and pulling the Ford out of the field (battery was dead). #farmkid #is3tooyoungtodrive

The farming lessons start young #farmkids #farmlife #brothers

Well, it was 1 yr in the making, but the Happy Critters Meat House was finally taken off the wagon and set on a slab. In the future, all of our business freezers and pickups will be done out of this building. It took 3 tractor and Skidsteer operators to lift the building up, then Joe rolled the wagon out by hand, and we lowered the building onto the slab. #askmeaboutmymeat #farmlife

#momlife πŸ˜†