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Another fun project! Happy Monday!

Great way to start the week with installation with this incredible view..outdoor curtains to complete the space.

Tall windows and wonderful filtered light.

Pillows ready to finish the job! All for a tropical setting.

One of my favorite paintings.

For a splash of color!

Super fun project..we are way behind in posing.

Work views for the week. ☀️ #heidisinteriors

Summertime is just around the corner…. We stay so busy, we forget to show you all what we have been working on. Here is a snapshot of a coverlet packed up and ready to be placed in it’s new home. Stay tuned for future updates on this amazing project! #heidisinteriors #interiors #coastalliiving #southernliving #interiors #southerninteriors

Table set, silver polished, ready to celebrate those we are most thankful for. Take a moment to thank those you are thankful for— we are thankful for you!!

We love vibe that our new Miami house is getting. Even the swatches make us feel energized! We will show details later— for now, here is a taste of all of the rooms. #heidisinteriors #interiors #coastalliving #miamiinteriors

Throwback Thursday--This Donghia lamp we saw at ADAC a few weeks was too cool not to share! @donghia_inc #heidisinteriors #donghia #lighting

Excited about starting a new project and that is where our Friday favorites come in--check out these "ocean views" we want to bring with us! 🐟🐠🐡 #coastalstyle #coastalhome #coastalinteriors #interiors #heidisinteriors #coastaldecor

We were inspired with this show-stopping vignette at @travisandcompany during our trip to ADAC last week.

Visiting our talented friend @margiephelpsart today and saw this—we love all of the colors and detail!!

Dining room curtains up, just in time for Easter brunch. #heidisinteriors #diningroom #windowtreatments @beaconhilldesign @stroheimfabrics

We love happy clients! A new lamp can change the entire feel of a space. And we love this black and white piece from @kristinblakeneyart in the mix. #vignettes #interiors #heidisinteriors #entryway #botanicals