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On Friday we flex 💪 it’s kinda big DEAL ... or for me, a goofy deal. I’ll never be one of those hour glass goddesses or muscle beauties but I can always be me and appreciate me in all my goofy ridiculousness. If you scroll across, you are gonna see one hell of a journey to get to where I am today. The next picture you’ll see me as an international runner age 18 about 48kg. Then at age 28 pregnant around 20 weeks then 36 weeks. Finally 2.5 weeks after birth. Then next scroll again me today... 5 years later. Not one month of showing up or even a year or two but 5 years. This isn’t just some awesome perfect fitness program guys. This isn’t just one particular diet either. This is a lifestyle. My advice to you is everyone has different strength and weaknesses. Find the workout that best benefits you and enriched your life (or keeps you from hitting your coworker in the mouth lol) since I was a child I have done so many sports running, swimming, waterpolo, cycling, tennis, bodyboarding, walking, pole dancing, weightlifting, yoga to make a few but the thing that got me to where I am today is the ability to keep my fitness going in a discipline that I enjoy. I am 34 years old, have one child and I feel better than I’ve ever felt. Not because of a program or a diet but because I choose my real wealth my health. I choose me. This is for me, not a body or others. This isn’t about anyone else we must live for ourself, honor our self and never lose sight of that. Remember: this is 5 years later after laine was born some journey. Contact me if you would like help to find you again get your real wealth your health. back or see also Link in bio for online training