New Tattoos! I have the symbols for each of the elements, a triple moon, the runes perthro, hagalalaz, othala, and laguz, and an arrow of magick issuing forth symbol on my knuckles. I’ve wanted these runes for a long time. #pagantattoo #witchesofinstagram #witchytattoo #runetattoos #elderfuthark #elderfutharktattoos #paganink #handtattoos #newtattoo
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NEW WHIP 😯 PLEASE READ: I want to start by saying I have never been a flashy or a materialistic person. You could find me running around in a trailer park when I was a toddler. 😂 You could find me completely desolate of personal possessions in my adolescence - where I was raised to believe things are just “things” and in fact money or the flashing of money is the root of all evil. You could find me completely broke at age 21 when my dad kicked me out of my home and family. I have never owned a new car before nor made any drastic huge purchases in my life. I search for deals all the time even when I had money to blow. I have never ever had any debt since I was 18 for fear of becoming materialistic, shallow or feeling like I owe someone or something. I have always tried to live within my means. I actually became fascinated with business and becoming my own motivation and entrepreneur for the fun, creativity and drive of it, no so much the financial rewards. Over the last couple of years I have become quite successful but I struggled with wanting to show it or making any big purchases wondering what that means about my character to want to buy those expensive things. Then I realized, it’s just as extreme to judge people as “materialistic” as it is to judge them as “non-materialistic.” I love my new car for so much more than just the name or tag. It represents personal growth, gratitude & being patient enough to buy it when it became within my means after years of hard work. Plus it’s fast, comfy, has red leather seats, 21” 911 Turbo Rims & a sick Bose sound system lol! Finally excited & happy to share this with you guys! Ps, it’s a CPO 🙈

Our friendship is priceless❤✨

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